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NorthStar  1 Dog Box - Standard Size
24" wide x 25" tall x 32" deep.

Common Features to all Dog Boxes

Standard rabbet and dado assembly along with fully welded exterior seams make for a very sturdy, safe, durable dog box.  Framed door opening contains bedding and spills.  With no requirement for caulk or sealants, the interior is easy to clean and keep clean.  White plastic reflects summer heat and stays cool to the touch. 

Fabricated from ½” and ¼” High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (similar to commercial cutting board material) the dog box will not discolor your dog’s coat or chip/scratch/peel like powder coated and aluminum boxes.  Extremely resistant to dents, deforming or breaking if mishandled or dropped.

1 Dog Box - Standard Size

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