Every ICU is tested by us in office.


Refunds will only be offered for the first 30 days from purchase. After the 30 days it is under the one year manufactuere parts warrenty.


The one year manufactuere warrenty covers everything on ICU. We are not responsible for fixing or repairing ICU. We can help diagnose and send parts for you to repair. Once the ICU is ordered there are no refunds past 30 days from the purchase date, due to the nature of the use of these units. Even though we hand test each one before they are send out There is always a chance of electronic faluire later on. 

If at anytime after the one year is up we will always be here to help gets you parts and help with repair to keep you going. After the one year the parts are no longer free. 



Therapeutic Benefits
Dramatically raises the survival rate and recovery rate of patients.
Should be used in various conditions, such as trauma, organ failure and transplantation, recovery from medical procedures and anesthesia, severe shock, septicemia, intoxication, severe skin disease, nurturing of newborns and Intensive care and treatment for numerous diseases.


Risk Free Operation
Our exclusive dual flow circulation system prevents any concerns regarding overheating by consistently and gently ventilating the ICU unit.
Based on unique feature of PTC (porcelain temperature control) heating element, overheating is eliminated.
While in operation mode, the dual port ventilation system constantly refreshes the air inside.
The CO2 monitoring sensor alarm will be triggered immediately once the concentration of carbon dioxide rises above the set level (Default at 1000ppm).


Temperature Setting


Light Brightness Adjustment



Negative Ion Generator



Cleaning Procedure



CO2 Alarm Level Setting



UV Disinfection



Key Features:


  1. Air Conditioning Port

  2. Double Layer lnsulation

  3. S/S Floor Grid

  4. Pull-out Waste Tray

  5. Heat Resistant Translucent Door

  6. Dual Heating System

  7. Negative lon Generator

  8. Precision Temperature and Humidity Detector

  9. Humidifier Water Tank

  10. Gold-plated Contacts on Circuit Board

  11. Air Vents

  12. Lighted locking On-off Switch

  13. 10 Level Lighting System

  14. Carbon Dioxide Detector

  15. High Density Filters

  16. Consistent Dual Flow Circulation

  17. Forced Air Nebulizer

  18. Oxygen Port

  19. Ultraviolet Sterilization Light

  20. lnfusion & Oxygen Therapy Port

Aelous ICU 1801