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Attention Puppy Breeders, Small Animal Enthusiasts & Animal Lovers! 🐾


Introducing the Aeolus Model 1801 PICU: The Gold Standard in Neonatal Canine and Small Animal Care!


Ever dreamt of providing unparalleled care for newborn puppies and other petite animals? The Aeolus Model 1801 Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is your solution. Thoughtfully designed with cutting-edge features, this unit ensures all your little ones, be it puppies or small animals, receive the best care from the outset:


🌡️ Precision Temperature Control: With the Aeolus 1801, create the ideal comforting environment that replicates the nurturing warmth of a mother, ensuring every tiny creature feels secure and cozy.


💧 Advanced Humidity Regulation: Uphold the gold standard in neonatal care by preventing dehydration and maintaining optimal skin health through our proactive humidity management system.

🔎 Clear Acrylic Front Door: Continuous monitoring made effortless! Observe your little companions thrive, play, and heal through our transparent, robust acrylic door without interruptions.


⚡ Negative Ion Generators: Elevate the air quality! Purify and craft a revitalizing atmosphere by diminishing airborne pollutants, making sure each inhalation is pure and fresh.


🌬️ Oxygen Ports: Harmonious with oxygen concentrators, the Aeolus 1801 ensures that even the tiniest ones facing respiratory challenges receive the essential support they merit.


The Aeolus Model 1801 PICU represents the peak of modern technology blended with our dedication to animal care. Whether you're a seasoned breeder, a meticulous veterinarian, or a compassionate animal lover, our PICU guarantees unparalleled quality and commitment to the well-being of both puppies and small animals.

Offer your puppies and tiny pets the head start they deserve. Enhance your neonatal care with the Aeolus Model 1801 PICU. Click here to Discover More and embark on a journey of exceptional care for your small friends!

🐶🐹 The Aeolus 1801: Where Every Pup and Petite Pet's Thriving Journey Begins. 🐹🐶

Aeolus Model 1801: Premium Intensive Care for Puppies and Small Animals

SKU: AO1801
  • Negative Ion Generator

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