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MagnaBox Whelping Box for Dogs

*Some pictures show custom optional accessories or configurations that may not be included on a standard whelping box. 

The MagnaBox whelping box for dogs is simple to use and to keep clean. FDA approved, HDPE plastic (a common material for kitchen cutting boards) is UV resistant and will not rust, stain or discolor. Unlike wood and other plastic whelping boxes, the MagnaBox whelping box has no cracks, crevices, porous or painted surfaces to retain contamination.


MagnaBox Whelping Box Features

  • The MagnaBox Whelping Box is made of quality solid materials along with unique hook and slot connectors and a lightly textured surface to make cleanup a breeze.
  • Easily wipes clean with a rag and sanitizing solution and when disassembled can be quickly cleaned and sanitized with a power washer.
  • There are no plastic welds, hidden slots, fasteners, or corrugations that capture and retain contamination and are nearly impossible to clean and sanitize.
  • Assembly requires no tools and no fasteners. No small parts to insert while aligning bulky components. No Velcro to wear out or replace. No adhesive or painting required.
  • Simply align, insert, and slide into position the unique hook and slot joints in the corners and the puppy rails. Puppy rails are self supporting so there are no legs or supports to trap and endanger puppies. MagnaBox whelping box for dogs can be used without the puppy rails however the puppy rails cannot be removed without disassembling the whelping box. Once assembled, the MagnaBox whelping box can be lifted as an assembly and moved for cleaning or relocation.
  • The MagnaBox whelping box for dogs has a 'no bottom' design which is a perfect supplement to our reusable dog pads.
  • The entrance door on the whelping box features unique 1/3 and 2/3 height sliding doors which allow you to adjust the height of the opening depending on the size of the puppies.

We recommend LennyPads Reusable Dog Pads as flooring for this magnificent box design. LennyPads are the perfect pads that are not only leakproof, but also absorb! Towels, rugs, blankets, etc. are all absorbent but don't protect the floor and are difficult to clean. LennyPads are completely leakproof and make clean up a breeze! These pads suck up any moisture and keep it completely contained in the pad, making washing super easy. The combination of the MagnaBox and LennyPads will make your life so much easier!

Also, please take a look at the rest of our whelping supplies that you can pair with the MagnaBox Whelping Box!

MagnaBox Whelping Box Size Dimensions


Available in the following six standard sizes as well as custom sizes on request.

SizeInside DimensionsOutside Dimensions
XX-Small21 1/4" x 21 3/4"24" x 24" x 12" tall
X-Small27 1/4" x 27 3/4"30" x 30" x 15" tall
Small32 3/4" x 33 1/4"36" x 36" x 18" tall
Medium39 1/4" x 39 3/4"42" x 42" x 18" tall
Large45 1/4" x 45 3/4"48" x 48" x 20" tall
X-Large51 1/4" x 51 3/4"54" x 54" x 24" tall


MagnaBox Whelping Box

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