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BTS-132TE European Style Stainless Steel Bathing Tub: The Pinnacle of Luxury & Durability


Step into the world of European elegance with our BTS-132TE stainless steel bathing tub, featuring a sophisticated electric base. Crafted meticulously from robust 13-gauge stainless steel panels, this tub is built to deliver unmatched longevity and top-notch performance.


Its expansive front door ensures effortless access, especially designed to cater to large breeds. For our senior canine companions, this tub is nothing short of a luxury. With the ability to lower, it enables even older dogs to stroll in and out with ease. When grooming smaller breeds, simply elevate the tub to your desired height, ensuring a comfortable and strain-free session. The conveniently positioned dog fixture rings on the back splash guard make restraining your furry friend a breeze.


Operation is seamless. The BTS-132TE's water-resistant foot pedal controls, paired with its gentle upward and downward movements, ensure a stress-free experience for your pet. Additionally, each tub is equipped with a stainless steel hair strainer and a flexible drain hose for easy cleanup.

Customizable to your needs, you can opt for add-ons like a tub bottom panel, a puppy booster, or a faucet. Experience the stability of the BTS-132TE's exceptional electric lift base, boasting a commendable loading capacity, all while offering extra low access for easy pet entry.


For an unparalleled luxurious and comfortable bathing experience for your pets, look no further than the BTS-132TE. For inquiries or to place an order, connect with us at 8006585308 or via email at Elevate your grooming experience today!

BTS-132TE European Style Stainless Steel Bathing Tub

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