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Revolutionize Canine Reproduction with the TCI System from

Embark on a new era of canine breeding with our cutting-edge Trans-Cervical Insemination (TCI) System, exclusively available at Designed for the forward-thinking breeder, our veterinary-grade, desktop-style TCI system offers a sophisticated, non-invasive approach to breeding, ensuring the highest standards of care and success in canine reproduction.


Why Choose Our TCI System?

Our system is meticulously crafted to streamline the insemination process, combining state-of-the-art technology with ease of use. The package includes:

  • TCI Endoscope: Precision-engineered for optimal visualization of the bitch’s cervical opening, facilitating accurate semen deposition.
  • High-Output Light/Air Control Module: Enhances visibility and control, ensuring a seamless procedure.
  • 20-Inch Display Monitor: With HDMI and USB input, offering clear, real-time imaging for precise insemination.
  • Remote Control: For easy manipulation and enhanced procedure efficiency.
  • Disposable Inflatable Catheters and Insemination Pipettes: Ensuring hygiene and safety for each insemination attempt.
  • Transport Case: For convenient storage and mobility of the entire system.


Advantages of Trans-Cervical Insemination:

Our TCI system embodies the pinnacle of reproductive technology, offering numerous benefits:

  • Non-Invasive and Stress-Free: Performed without the need for anesthesia, minimizing risk and discomfort for the bitch.
  • Efficient and Quick: A fast outpatient procedure that's completed within minutes, reducing time spent at the veterinary hospital.
  • Versatile Semen Compatibility: Achieves high success rates with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen, accommodating various breeding scenarios.
  • Increased Conception Success: Direct uterine semen deposition maximizes the chances of successful pregnancy, even with semen of lower motility.
  • Repetitive Breeding Capability: Allows for consecutive breedings within a cycle if necessary, without the adverse effects associated with surgical alternatives.


Empowering Breeders with Knowledge and Tools:

At, we're not just about providing top-tier breeding equipment; we're committed to educating and equipping breeders with the knowledge to utilize these tools effectively. Our TCI system is ideal for breeds requiring special attention in the breeding process, such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Labradors, and German Shepherds.


Whether you're a seasoned breeder or new to the world of canine reproduction, our TCI system offers a reliable, ethical, and efficient solution for advancing your breeding program. The non-surgical nature, coupled with the potential for higher conception rates, positions our TCI system as an indispensable tool for any breeder looking to optimize their breeding outcomes while ensuring the well-being of their dogs.


Dive into the Future of Canine Breeding:

Invest in the future of your breeding program with our TCI system. Embrace the advanced capabilities it offers for a wide range of canine breeds, backed by the assurance of quality, support, and expertise from Elevate your breeding success with a system that's not just about creating life but doing so with care, precision, and respect for the canine companions we love.

Discover how our Trans-Cervical Insemination system can transform your approach to canine reproduction. Visit today for more information on this revolutionary breeding solution, and take the first step towards breeding excellence.

Canine TCI System: Advanced Trans-Cervical Insemination Kit

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  • A Trans-Cervical Insemination (TCI) machine is an advanced veterinary tool designed to perform non-surgical insemination in dogs. This technology allows for the precise placement of semen directly into the uterus through the cervix, using a specialized endoscope. It's a preferred method for breeders seeking a less invasive option compared to traditional surgical AI, offering a safer, stress-free experience for the bitch.

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