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FT-802E-LED Electric LED Lifting Table: Elevate Your Grooming Experience - Exclusively at!


Overview: Transform your grooming space with the FT-802E-LED Electric LED Lifting Table - the pinnacle of innovation tailored for the contemporary groomer. Dive into the features that make this table the best in the industry:


Key Features: Two sizes available, 36"×24" for medium, height adjustable ranges 24" - 44"



  • Optimal Dimensions: At 36"L×24"W×21-40"H (or 90cmL×60cmW×52cm-100cmH), it's sized to accommodate pets from small to large, maximizing comfort for all.

  • Diverse Operational Styles: Whether you prefer the tactile feel of the hydraulic pedal or the seamless electric lift, we've got you covered.

  • Personalized Color Options: Break free from monotony! Our table is available in multiple hues, aligning with your unique style or business theme.

  • Sturdy & Safe: Built with a potent linear actuator, say goodbye to wobbling. It’s all about safety and stability with us.

  • LED Excellence: The integrated LED isn’t just for show. It creates a tranquil ambiance, and its gentle glow is perfect for detailed grooming tasks during low light.


Why Choose As the leading choice in the USA for premium grooming solutions, our commitment to quality is unparalleled. The FT-802E-LED isn’t just a product; it’s our promise of performance and reliability.


Order & Support: Ready to redefine grooming? Order your FT-802E-LED table today! For inquiries or to make a purchase, connect with us at 800-658-5308 or drop an email at Your ideal grooming experience is just a call or click away!

FT-802E Economy LED Lighted Electric Table - 36"

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