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"iSperm 6 Advanced Canine Semen Analysis - Precision Beyond Compare (iPad Not Included)"


iSperm Canine Kit (No iPad): This option includes the following components: - Comprehensive training videos for guidance. - iSperm Briefcase for convenient storage and transportation. - Sample Collector to collect sperm samples. - Heater and cable for maintaining the desired temperature. - 50 sample chipsets (base and cover) for analysis. - Droppers for precise sample handling. - Manual with instructions for easy operation. - iPad Stand for holding your iPad during the process. - Air Blower to remove any debris or dust. - Hex Wrench for assembly and maintenance. - Serial Number Card for Product identification. - LR44 Batteries for power. * Requires an iPad Mini 6 for use.


iSperm 6 System Details & Flexibility

  • Initial Configuration: Upon ordering, select a species from the drop-down menu. This configures the iSperm 6 for immediate use with the chosen species.
  • Upgradable System: If you wish to analyze different species in the future, simply acquire the respective expansion packs.

Available Species for iSperm 6: Please inquire for purchase of species other than Canine. 

  • Canines
  • Equines
  • Bovines
  • Poultry
  • Caprines
  • Swines
  • Murines
  • Cervines... and more.

Note: The initial setup defines your primary use, but the iSperm 6 allows for effortless adaptations as your needs evolve.


  • Species-Specific App: Our user-friendly iSperm app is meticulously crafted for canine reproductive analysis. (Note: iPad® NOT INCLUDED. The app is optimized for iPad Mini 6, Wifi Only, 64GB, color varies).
  • Modern Compatibility: The iSperm 6 system is powered by an app tailored for the iPad Mini 6, enhancing its features from previous versions.
  • Upgrade Opportunities: Current iSperm users, inquire about system upgrades. Please be aware that the iPad Mini 5 and certain iSperm hardware components aren't compatible with iSperm 6. Upgrades may require additional purchases.


Navigating the intricate world of breeding and reproductive health is a monumental task that demands precision, reliability, and adaptability. The iSperm 6 System, with its avant-garde design and capabilities, is set to redefine the parameters of semen analysis, making it an indispensable tool for professionals across varying breeding contexts.


Unparalleled Versatility: Field, Clinic, or Lab

  • In the Field: From AI centers to breeders and mobile reproductive vets, the iSperm 6's compact and transportable design is perfect for on-the-go assessments, enabling swift screenings before AI, breeding soundness exams, and routine bull checks.

  • In the Clinic: Veterinary reproductive services gain an edge with iSperm 6. Whether it's facilitating dog breeders or aiding in-depth research, this system ensures detailed semen analysis whenever required.

  • In the Lab: For researchers, educators, and more, iSperm 6 mCASA offers an accuracy that stands shoulder to shoulder with traditional desktop CASA systems, making it an excellent alternative for field research.


iSperm goes beyond mere adaptability. It offers a comprehensive analysis of semen qualities, allowing users to gain valuable insights into the reproductive health of animals. With the iSperm, one can assess the concentration, total motility, progressive motility, and sperm kinetics of semen samples. Moreover, the iSperm provides a unique advantage by presenting labeled sperm tracks that vividly depict the behaviors of the sperm. This feature enables customers to not only monitor the fertility of animals but also gain a deeper understanding of their reproductive capabilities. Thus, the iSperm stands as a powerful tool for assessing and managing the reproductive potential of diverse animal species.


Innovation at Its Best

  • Smart Semen Analyzer: iSperm 6 isn't just a tool – it's a game-changer. As the world's first mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA), it does more than just read – it offers insights. With video capabilities, semen extending calculations, and saved analytics, it's everything a veterinarian or breeder could wish for in daily practice.

  • Diverse Species Analysis: Breaking the barriers of species-specific tools, the iSperm 6 is versatile enough to cater to economic, companion, and even endangered animals.

Features That Matter

  • Organized Data: Gone are the days of tedious data management. iSperm 6 effortlessly organizes your data, ensuring success in breeding soundness exams, executing breeding plans, or even drafting research papers.

  • Visualized Sperm Tracks: This unique feature allows professionals to not only distinguish between progressive and total motility but also communicate semen quality issues to clients more effectively.

  • Extending Calculation: Shipping semen or supplying commercial semen is simplified with iSperm 6's extender volume calculation. It dilutes ejaculate accurately and automatically.

  • User-friendly Interface: Despite its myriad of advanced features, mastering the iSperm 6 System requires minimal effort. In just 30 minutes, users can harness its full potential, ensuring consistency and standardization across varied users.


The iSperm system is highlighted for its simplicity, accuracy, portability, ease of use, and affordability. Setting up the system is hassle-free, as it comes fully prepared for immediate use. By logging into your Apple account and creating an Aidmics Cloud account, you can quickly get started. Moreover, the system offers training materials to aid users in understanding its functionality. In terms of accuracy, the iSperm system has been tested against popular desktop systems, ensuring reliable and precise results. This indicates that users can trust the system to provide them with accurate information. Portability is a notable feature of the iSperm system, as it conveniently fits into a small briefcase. Its compact design enables users to carry it around effortlessly, making it suitable for use in various settings. The iSperm system is built on IOS software, enhancing its ease of use. The familiar interface and user-friendly design ensure a smooth experience even for individuals who are not tech-savvy. Affordability is another advantage of the iSperm system. It offers a cost-effective solution compared to the leading desktop systems. By choosing the iSperm system, users can achieve their goals without breaking the bank. Overall, the iSperm system is described as simple to use, accurate, portable, easy to operate, and affordable. It provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of users in a range of aspects, making it a desirable option for reproductive testing.


iSperm 6 Advanced Canine Semen Analysis

SKU: isperm06
  • iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA). It offers readings,videos, and semen extending calculations and saves these analytics that makes real sense for veterinarians and breeders need in daily practice.
    Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm provides the flexibility to be adapted to economic, companion, and endangered animals.

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