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Introducing the UC-2007D ICU – A Full Bank Advanced Medical Solution for Small Mammals


Presenting the UC-2007D ICU – an impeccable double-stack, also referred to as a full bank, intensive care unit specifically engineered for the distinct needs of small mammals like cats, dogs, and other similar-sized animals. This unit is not just a typical desktop model; its dimensions are 103.6L×86W×167.4H, complete with AC and a wheelbase, embodying an unmatched fusion of high-end medical technology with the comforts that these creatures deserve.


Superior Temperature Control: Leveraging the acclaimed TSAAS heating mechanism, the UC-2007D ICU features an overhead dual-duct circulation and a thermostatic bed, ensuring an even temperature distribution. Instead of traditional units with compressor refrigeration, the UC-2007D underscores animal welfare. The thermostatic bed embraces the "cold compress refrigeration" methodology, providing a soft, steady cooling.


Efficient Humidity Management: The UC-2007D masters in adjusting and retaining the perfect relative humidity suitable for its occupants. It can adapt to various conditions, from high temperature with minimal humidity to conditions with heightened moisture.


Accurate Oxygen Delivery: This ICU is adept at facilitating rigorous oxygen treatments within its hermetic compartment. With capabilities to swiftly attain and hold an oxygen concentration surpassing 40%, it also comes with an emergency vent to respond immediately to situations like power interruptions or reduced oxygen levels.


Intelligent Environmental Surveillance: The UC-2007D stands out with its 24/7 monitoring capabilities. It not only observes but autonomously fine-tunes the settings, transitioning from a basic enclosure to a cutting-edge medical instrument.


Remote Access and Control: A trailblazer in technological advancements, the UC-2007D ICU offers veterinarians and caregivers the luxury of remotely interfacing with the unit. They can effortlessly control its functionalities, monitor the internal atmosphere, and even gauge the animal's temperature through a digital platform.


Triple-Layered Purification: The emphasis on sanitation is unrivaled in the UC-2007D. It sports a tripartite purification setup: ultraviolet disinfection, negative ion purification, and an outer fresh air circulation mechanism, ensuring the milieu remains uncontaminated.

With its unwavering commitment to the wellness and comfort of small mammals, the UC-2007D


Intensive Care Unit reaffirms itself as the zenith in animal care, becoming an irreplaceable asset for earnest professionals and caregivers.

UC-2007D Full Bank ICU: Double-Stacked Care for Small Mammals

SKU: UC2007D
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