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Welcome to the future of canine reproductive diagnostics, brought to you by the pioneers at We proudly present the VetChroma™ Canine Progesterone Analyzer, a groundbreaking tool designed to redefine precision and efficiency in canine breeding practices.

Unmatched Precision for Optimal Breeding Outcomes

The VetChroma™ stands as the pinnacle of diagnostic excellence, offering breeders and veterinarians the ability to measure progesterone levels with unmatched accuracy. This precision is critical for identifying the prime breeding window, ensuring the highest chances of successful conception and healthy litters.

Key Features:

  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Delivers precise progesterone measurements, essential for determining the optimal time for breeding, C-sections, and transcervical insemination.
  • Comprehensive Testing Range: Not limited to progesterone alone, VetChroma™ also facilitates critical T-4 thyroid health assessments, supporting overall canine well-being.
  • User-Centric Design: Boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process, making it accessible for both professional and home use.
  • DIY Convenience: With VetChroma™, breeders can conduct essential tests in-house, saving time and reducing dependency on external veterinary services.

What’s Included:

  • VetChroma™ Canine Progesterone Analyzer
  • Centrifuge (recommended for sample preparation)
  • Pipette
  • Blood collection essentials
  • Vortexor for sample mixing

The VetChroma™ Advantage

By integrating VetChroma™ into your breeding program, you embrace a tool that not only enhances reproductive success but also offers significant savings by minimizing the need for external testing. Its reliability and consistency in providing accurate readings make it an invaluable asset in your breeding toolkit.

Empowering Your Diagnostic Capabilities

Understanding each dog's unique cycle is crucial, and VetChroma™ equips you with the data needed to make informed decisions. Its capability to offer precise, real-time progesterone levels sets you on a path to reproductive success, ensuring every breeding decision is data-driven.

Why Choose VetChroma™?

Exclusively available at, VetChroma™ is not just a product but a partnership. We stand committed to enhancing canine reproductive health through innovation, offering a tool that promises to elevate your breeding program to new heights of success.

Embark on Your Journey Today

Join the ranks of elite professionals who have chosen VetChroma™ for their canine reproduction needs. For a detailed consultation or to purchase, reach out to us at 1-800-658-5308 or With VetChroma™, the future of canine reproduction is in your hands. Elevate your breeding program with VetChroma™ – where technology meets tradition in the pursuit of perfection.

Detailed Canine Breeding Cycle and Progesterone Scale

The VetChroma™ Canine Progesterone Analyzer emerges as a cornerstone in the realm of canine reproductive health, providing a scientific and precise approach to the intricacies of canine breeding cycles. Its pivotal role in determining the optimal timing for breeding, managing C-sections, and facilitating transcervical insemination is underpinned by its ability to accurately measure progesterone levels across the various stages of the canine estrous cycle. Here, we'll integrate the detailed progesterone scale to illuminate each stage's significance and how the VetChroma™ enhances breeding outcomes.

  • Pre-Ovulation (2.0 ng/mL - 4.9 ng/mL): The initial rise in progesterone levels marks the beginning of the fertile period. The VetChroma's precision in detecting this initial increase is crucial for anticipating ovulation.
  • Ovulation (5.0 ng/mL - 6.9 ng/mL): This range indicates the onset of ovulation. The eggs are released and will mature over the next 48 hours. The VetChroma's accurate readings allow breeders to prepare for timely breeding or artificial insemination.
  • Post-Ovulation (7.0 ng/mL - 12.0 ng/mL): Progesterone levels within this range signify that ovulation has occurred and the eggs are maturing, marking the most fertile period. The VetChroma helps identify this peak fertility window, crucial for scheduling natural mating or insemination procedures to maximize conception rates.
  • Optimal Breeding Time (13.0 ng/mL - 15.0 ng/mL): This is the prime time for breeding, with progesterone levels indicating fully matured eggs ready for fertilization. The VetChroma's role in pinpointing this stage is instrumental in achieving successful breeding outcomes.
  • Confirming Pregnancy and Planning C-Sections (>15.0 ng/mL): Elevated progesterone levels beyond 15.0 ng/mL, sustained throughout pregnancy, assist in confirming pregnancy. A significant drop in progesterone levels is a precursor to labor, allowing veterinarians to accurately schedule C-sections when necessary, ensuring the safety of the dam and puppies.

The VetChroma's Comprehensive Diagnostic Utility

Beyond its paramount role in reproductive timing, the VetChroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer extends its capabilities to a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests crucial for canine health. Its accuracy and reliability in measuring progesterone are complemented by its ability to conduct additional tests such as T-4 for thyroid health, providing a holistic approach to canine wellness and reproductive management.


The VetChroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer stands as an indispensable tool in the veterinary and breeding sectors, offering unmatched precision in navigating the complexities of the canine breeding cycle. By leveraging detailed progesterone level measurements, the VetChroma ensures that breeding, whether through natural mating, artificial insemination, or managing C-sections, is conducted with scientific accuracy and timing, paving the way for successful outcomes and the well-being of canine companions.

Elevate Canine Breeding with Cost-Effective VetChroma™ Testing

VetChroma™ introduces a groundbreaking shift in canine progesterone testing, offering breeders and veterinarians an affordable, in-house alternative to traditional testing methods. While external lab tests can cost between $80 to $120 per test, VetChroma™ provides a more economical solution with tests ranging from $9 to $13, depending on the specific analysis.

Key Benefits of VetChroma™:

  • Affordability: Drastically reduce testing costs without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Precision: Reliable and precise readings for informed breeding decisions.
  • Versatility: Supports a wide range of tests, including T-4 for thyroid health.
  • Ease of Use: Simplified, user-friendly design for convenient in-house testing.

VetChroma™ empowers breeders and veterinarians with the tools needed for successful breeding outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Optimize your breeding program with VetChroma™, available exclusively at


Final Sale Notice: All sales of Progesterone Analyzers are final. These items are covered under individual manufacturer warranties. For specific details about the warranty, please refer to the warranty documentation provided by the manufacturer. We do not accept returns on these items.

Vet Chroma Progesterone Testing Machine For Dogs "Bundle"

  • The Vet Chroma is a state-of-the-art device that uses advanced technology to measure various parameters in blood serum, providing quick and accurate results that can help breeders and veterinarians diagnose and treat their animal patients more effectively. 

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