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Trade Up to Excellence with Wondfo Petlife Pro DX Progesterone Testing Machine For Dogs "Bundle"! 🌟 Ready to revolutionize your canine progesterone testing? Swap ANY brand of canine progesterone analyzer for the state-of-the-art Wondfo Pro-DX.


Here’s how:

Snap & Send: Capture pictures of your current analyzer and email them to for initial approval. Remember, we’re open to any brand!

Approval Process: Each trade-in is subject to our approval, ensuring machines are in working condition for a fair trade.

Evaluation for Trade: Our experts will review your device based on its condition and market value. Pricing for trade credit varies, as each machine and its condition are unique. Rest assured, there's no set price; all decisions are tailored case by case.


Finalize Your Upgrade: Once we complete a thorough analysis of your system, we’ll offer a trade value exclusively designed for your situation.

Got questions or need more info? Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-658-5308. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to upgrade your old or inaccurate analyzers for the cutting-edge Wondfo Pro-DX, leading the way in canine progesterone testing accuracy and efficiency!"



Introducing the Wondfo Petlife Pro DX Progesterone Testing Machine For Dogs "Bundle" – your complete, state-of-the-art solution for precise and efficient progesterone testing in dogs. This meticulously assembled bundle is designed to meet the high standards of veterinarians and breeders who seek accuracy and ease in reproductive health assessments and breeding programs.


What’s Included in the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Testing Bundle?

  • Wondfo Canine Progesterone Pro DX Analyzer: The linchpin of this bundle, the Pro DX Analyzer, offers rapid and accurate progesterone level readings, essential for informed breeding decisions. It features a measurement scale of 0-40 ng/ml and a quick 15-minute test incubation time, allowing multiple tests to be incubated and run sequentially for enhanced productivity.

  • High-Performance Micro Centrifuge: A crucial component, this lab-grade centrifuge reaches up to 10,000 rpm, enabling effective sample preparation.

  • Efficient Pipette with Tips: Comprising a high-precision pipette and 100 tips, it guarantees accurate fluid handling and consistent test outcomes.

  • Centrifuge Tubes: The bundle includes 100 tubes, allowing for efficient management of multiple samples.

  • Needle and Syringe Combos: You'll find 100 sets of 23g 1-inch needles with 3ml syringes for streamlined blood collection.

  • Bonus Progesterone Test Kits: Kickstart your testing with a complimentary box of 10 canine progesterone tests.


Key Features of the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX:

  • Wi-Fi Capabilities: Enables remote access to test results, perfect for dynamic environments and multitasking.
  • Internal Lithium-Ion Battery Pack: Delivers up to 800 tests on a single charge, highlighting the device's reliability and portability.
  • Integrated Carrying Handle: Facilitates easy transport, adapting to various testing scenarios.
  • 1-Year Warranty and Lifelong Customer Support: With a factory warranty and extensive support from, you're assured of peace of mind and continuous assistance.


The Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Testing Bundle offers unparalleled value, combining the latest in progesterone testing technology with high-quality accessories, ensuring professional and efficient canine reproductive health management.


Final Sale Notice: All sales of Progesterone Analyzers are final. These items are covered under individual manufacturer warranties. For specific details about the warranty, please refer to the warranty documentation provided by the manufacturer. We do not accept returns on these items.

Wondfo Petlife Pro DX Progesterone Testing Machine For Dogs "Bundle"

SKU: ProDXWondfo0121
  • The scale of the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX is 0-40 ng/ml, which is specifically designed for canine progesterone testing. This range is crucial as it allows for accurate determination of a female dog's progesterone levels, a key factor in successful breeding.

    Understanding Canine Progesterone Testing:

    • Role of Progesterone in Canine Reproduction: Progesterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the reproductive cycle of female dogs. Its levels rise significantly after ovulation and remain high during the fertile period, making its measurement critical for timing breeding.

    • Optimal Breeding Time: Progesterone testing helps identify the optimal time for breeding. The precise timing is crucial as dogs have a relatively short fertile period. Breeding too early or too late in the cycle can lead to unsuccessful mating or smaller litter sizes.

    • Increased Chances of Conception: By accurately determining the progesterone levels, breeders can increase the likelihood of conception. This is particularly important for planned breedings or when using expensive or limited semen, such as in artificial insemination.

    • Health and Safety: Understanding the progesterone levels also helps in monitoring the health of the female dog, ensuring that breeding is done safely and at a time that is best for her health.

    The Wondfo PetLife Pro DX's ability to accurately measure progesterone levels within the 0-40 ng/ml range makes it an invaluable tool for breeders and veterinarians. This level of precision helps in making informed decisions about the best time to breed, ultimately leading to more successful mating outcomes and healthier litters.

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