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The 02 brooder 90 is the newest in the pet brooder lineup. The best puppy intensive care unit line on the market! Trusted by dog/cat breeders and veterinary offices world wide. Keeping your puppies and kittens in the safest and most secure environment has never been easier.  Now with this ultimate bundle you can get everything you need and save money! 


Are you ready to step your whelping game up to the next level? The Pet brooder 90 puppy intensive care unit is the ultimate puppy or kitten care unit. This intensive care unit is long known for being the most reliable and trusted unit on the market. Take control of your whelping environment, improve your fur babies odds of success. Take complete environmental control with the Pet brooder 90. Controle temperature and humidity to create the optimum environment for normal to healthy litters as well as treatment of sick or injured puppies and kittens. This intensive care unit is a must have for anyone planning to care for puppies and kittens. 


The 02 Brooder with focus on oxygen concentration levels.


What makes this different than the Pet Brooder 90? The Pet Brooder 90 features complete control over temperature and humidity. The 02 Brooder give the same complete control over temperature however there is no humidifier built into the 02 brooder. An external humidifier will need to be purchased if higher levels are desired. The oxygen level monitoring is an amazing tool for treatment in Pnemonia and animals having heat stroke. The 02 Brooder like the Pet Brooder 90 "Do Not Have Oxygen Machines Built In". An auxilary unit will need to be purchased to produce 02.


Rest assured when you purchase from you will have access to customer support 7 days a week! Our highly trained staff are here to ensure your success. Get access  to training with the K9 Reproduction training corner, where we offer a wide range of in depth and informative training videos. Our first goal at is to see the success of the people and animals around us. Every icu sold is another life saved!


Are you on the fence about which unit is best for you? Give us a call at 800-658-5308. 

Our knowledge and veterinary trained staff are always here to answer any questions. 


Actual nebulizer model may vary depending on current inventory- a comparable hospital grade unit will always be used. 


-Choose your oxygen-


This Bundle includes:

1x Pet brooder 90 - MXB90 Puppy ICU

1x choose your preferred oxygen concentrator

1x Philips respironics Nebulizer "Free" With kit purchase

1x Choose your suction machine 

The master whelping kit " 02 Brooder"


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