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Experience Elegance & Endurance with the 43" Premium Double Door HD Dog Crate

By Durable Dog Crates


Step into a world where artistry and engineering blend seamlessly, bringing forth a masterpiece that redefines canine comfort, safety, and convenience. The 43" Premium Double Door HD Dog Crate, a magnum opus crafted by Durable Dog Crates, exudes an air of elegance matched only by its robust build.


Key Features:

  • Dimensional Artistry: Measuring at L43"xW28.5"xH30" and weighing 60 lbs, each crate is a symphony of spatial elegance and structural integrity, ensuring your pet enjoys comfort without compromising on safety.

  • Versatile Majesty: Our crates are not just designed but architecturally crafted. They collapse with grace and stack with ease, boasting hardware that turns the ensemble into a space-saving masterpiece.

  • Maintenance Bliss: The slide-out tray and floor grid aren’t just features; they’re allies in ensuring an effortless cleanup, orchestrating a sanctuary that remains dry, clean, and welcoming for your beloved pet.

  • Fortress of Durability: With heavy-duty lockable casters and a lock mechanism that stands as a sentinel of security, every crate is a fortress safeguarding your cherished companion.

  • Health & Safety Harmony: Every surface is adorned with a non-toxic finish. The feeding door and upgraded plastic flooring are meticulously designed to ensure not just comfort but a haven free from webbed feet, blisters, and easty-westy feet conditions.


What Awaits Inside Your Package:

  • Heavy Duty Cage: A haven crafted with precision, offering unmatched durability.
  • Divider: A feature ensuring space morphs as per your pet’s needs.
  • Lockable Wheels: Mobility meets security, a dance of convenience.
  • Removable Tray & Metal Floor Grid: Allies in cleanliness, ensuring a habitat of hygiene.
  • Upgraded Plastic Flooring: A surface where comfort reigns supreme.
  • Stackable Hardware: Unleashing a world where space is never a constraint.


Your Inquiry is Our Command:

Every question, every need is an opportunity for us to step into your world, offering clarity, support, and assurance. Reach the confluence of elegance, endurance, and engineering excellence at 📞 800-658-5308 or 📧


Where Craftsmanship Meets Elegance:

Each 43" Premium Double Door HD Dog Crate is a testament to a journey where engineering prowess meets artistic elegance. A space where your canine companion not just resides but is royally ensconced, surrounded by the impeccable build quality, the unyielding safety, and the silent whisper of luxury that defines every inch, every feature of this magnificent creation by Durable Dog Crates. ✨

43" Premium HD Double Door Dog Crate by Durable Dog Crates

SKU: 43double
$369.99 Regular Price
$249.99Sale Price
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