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"Aeolus Model 1803 PICU: Advanced Intensive Care for Newborn Puppies and Small Animals - Nebulizer-Free Design"


Attention Puppy Breeders, Small Animal Enthusiasts & Animal Lovers! 🐾

Introducing the Aeolus Model 1803 PICU: The Gold Standard in Neonatal Canine and Small Animal Care!


Are you dedicated to providing superior care for newborn puppies and other petite animals? The Aeolus Model 1803 Intensive Care Unit (PICU) has been crafted to meet your needs. While the Aeolus Model 1801 comes with a built-in nebulizer for specialized care, the Aeolus Model 1803 offers all the advanced features without the nebulization function, allowing for a different approach to your animal care:


🌡️ Precision Temperature Control: With the Aeolus 1803, establish the ideal comforting environment mimicking the nurturing warmth of a mother, ensuring every creature, big or small, feels secure and cozy.


💧 Advanced Humidity Regulation: Uphold the highest standards in neonatal care by preventing dehydration and maintaining the best skin health with our top-tier humidity management system.


🔎 Clear Acrylic Front Door: Continuous monitoring is a breeze! Witness your precious pets thrive, play, and recuperate through our see-through, durable acrylic door without any hindrance.


⚡ Negative Ion Generators: Revolutionize the air quality! Purge and instate a refreshing environment by removing airborne contaminants, ensuring each breath they take is pristine and invigorating.


🌬️ Oxygen Ports: Designed to be compatible with oxygen concentrators, the Aeolus 1803 makes certain that even those with respiratory challenges obtain the vital support they need.

The Aeolus Model 1803 PICU exemplifies the zenith of current technology combined with our unwavering commitment to animal care. Whether you're an experienced breeder, a diligent veterinarian, or a heartfelt animal lover, our PICU pledges top-notch quality and devotion to the well-being of both puppies and small animals.


Give your puppies and petite pets the solid beginning they warrant. Advance your neonatal care with the Aeolus Model 1803 PICU. Click here to Discover More and embark on a voyage of peerless care for your tiny allies!


🐶🐹 The Aeolus 1803: Where Every Pup and Petite Pet's Flourishing Odyssey Commences. 🐹🐶

Aeolus Model 1803: Intensive Care for Newborn Puppies and Small Animals

SKU: AO1803
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