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This comprehensive package includes 100 disposable semen collection cones/sheaths, specifically designed for canine artificial insemination processes. Each sheath is crafted from high-quality, medical-grade material, ensuring both safety and sanitation during use.

Key Features:

  • Single-Use Design: Each cone is intended for one-time use, guaranteeing hygiene and safety for each breeding session.
  • Observation-Friendly Material: The transparent construction of these cones allows for easy monitoring, while the matte surface provides a non-slip grip for hassle-free usage.
  • Versatile Sizing: Our collection cones are suitable for dogs of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for different breeds.
  • Injury Prevention: Specially designed to minimize the risk of injury, these cones are a safe choice for your canine breeding needs.
  • Health Safety: By reducing the risk of transmitting diseases like the herpes virus, these sheaths contribute to the overall health and safety of the breeding process.
  • Breeding Excellence: These semen collection cones facilitate artificial insemination, a critical technique for enhancing the genetic diversity and quality across all dog breeds.

Ideal for professional dog breeders and veterinary practitioners, these disposable canine semen collection cones are an indispensable tool in the pursuit of responsible and successful dog breeding.

100-Pack Disposable Canine Semen Collection Cones: Essential for Dog Breeders

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