Artificial Insemination device, inflatible.

recreate a natural tie, with this silicone ai device. clean after each use. 



TrueView is a leading name in the canine equipment industry. They offer a range of excellent equipment and machinery which provide the required successful results. With the help of these equipment, you can create a natural tie and commence the impregnation process.


Our kit includes a silicone artificial insemination device which is used to perform the artificial insemination in canines. The equipment needs to be properly cleaned after each use. Our equipment comes in different sizes to effectively be useful for every type of dog breed.



  • Small - up to 30 lbs
  • Medium - 31 to 65 lbs
  • Large - 66 to 100 lbs
  • Extra Large - over 100 lbs


If you are a breeder or veterinarian in USA and are looking for artificial insemination equipment in USA, you have landed at the right place! Not just the artificial insemination equipment, we also possess several other high-quality equipments which is largely used by veterinarians and breeders.


Artificial insemination device