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Introducing the Ultimate Canine IV Leg Trainer by Nasco

Experience realistic veterinary training like never before with Nasco's cutting-edge Canine IV Leg Trainer. Designed with precision and utmost realism, it’s a breakthrough product for every aspiring vet and veterinary technician.

Key Features:

  • Life-Like Representation: Accurately models the left foreleg of a medium-sized dog in the sternal recumbent position.
  • Interchangeable Sleeves: Comes with a standard fur sleeve for routine blood draws and a "shaved" sleeve for direct IV catheter practice.
  • True-to-Life Experience: The vein system is replaceable and provides a genuine blood flashback sensation during practice.
  • Bandaging and Restraint: Not just for IV training, it's also perfect for practicing bandaging and restraint techniques.
  • Self-Supporting Design: Its sturdy build supports both solo and group practice, enhancing team training dynamics.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The trainer comes complete with a portable storage box featuring a built-in IV pole, blood powder, syringe, IV catheter, and two fluid supply bags.

Whether you're a veterinary school or a vet tech program, this IV leg trainer is a game-changer. It not only equips students with hands-on practice but also ensures that the learning experience is as realistic as possible.

Purchase & Support: To secure your Canine IV Leg Trainer, visit, the premier destination for all your veterinary training needs. For any questions or customer support, reach out to us at or call us at 800 658 5308. Your success is our commitment.

Canine IV Leg

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