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  • The telescopic pole allows you to collect your pet's urine sample without all the hassle and stress.
  • Easy, painless, non-invasive dog urine sample collection.
  • The detachable cups make it easy to transport the urine.
  • Works with dogs of all sizes. For smaller females, use the lid as the receptacle.
  • Simply take it with you on your walks!

Easily collect your canine companion's urine sample while taking her for a walk with the CheckUp Telescopic Pole, Cups, Pipettes & Vials Dog Urine Collection Pack! This kit comes with a pole that can easily be assembled by screwing the ring into the telescopic pole, disposable collection cups with lids, pipettes and vials. The unique "free catch" model makes urine collection a stress-free experience for you and your pal. Once the collection is complete, you can easily transport the sample to your vet for further analysis. The P-Pole can be used with the CheckUp diagnostic strips (sold separately) for at-home wellness testing, too!

CheckUp P-Pole Dog Urine Collection Pack

SKU: 850873003222
  • Screw the metal ring to the pole, pull the metal ring to extend the pole, and place the cup in it. To collect, reach with the extended pole and catch a sample while the dog is urinating then bring it home for testing. Fill the vial at least 3/4 way, close the vial with the cap and keep it in the refrigerator. Test the sample with our CheckUp testing strips available seperatley, or take the sample to your vet for further testing.

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