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Step into the World of Precision with the Brand-New Wondfo Finecare Vet Bundle!


Unlock the doors to impeccable accuracy and reliability in canine reproduction with the brand-new Wondfo Finecare Vet, bundled with everything you need to ensure precision at an exceptional price of $2700.


Unwavering Accuracy, Trusted Reliability:

Wondfo Finecare Vet stands as a beacon of precision, offering industry-leading accuracy and reliability. Each brand-new unit is a symbol of our commitment to quality, ensuring that your journey in canine reproduction is informed, confident, and successful.


Your Complete Toolkit at an Unbeatable Price:

Our exclusive bundle is tailored to provide not just the brand-new Wondfo Finecare Vet Analyzer but also an array of essential tools designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency in every test. Each element of this bundle underscores our commitment to delivering value, quality, and precision in one comprehensive package.


Included in Your Exclusive Bundle:

  • Wondfo Finecare Vet Analyzer
  • 10K RPM Mini Centrifuge
  • 75uL Pipette
  • 100 Pipette Tips
  • 100 1.5mL Centrifuge Tubes
  • Wondfo Tray with 5 Timers
  • 1 box containing 10 tests
  • 1 box of 100 needle syringe combos (3ml 22g)

Note: Always ensure to review the current structure at the time of sale as bundle structures may vary.

Shipping and Warranty Information:


While international and Hawaii shipping is excluded, we ensure a seamless delivery process for all other locations.


Every Wondfo Finecare Vet unit is backed by a 1-year replacement warranty and lifetime technical customer support, cementing your confidence in our enduring quality and reliability.


Activate Your Warranty Here:


Your order will be dispatched in two packages, each with a dedicated tracking number to facilitate easy and convenient tracking.


Embrace a World of Precision:

With the Wondfo Finecare Vet Bundle, every breeding decision is backed by a legacy of accuracy and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or stepping into the world of canine reproduction for the first time, this bundle is your companion in a journey marked by confidence, precision, and success. Make the smart choice today! ✨

Wondfo Petlife Veterinary Canine Progesterone Analyzer "Brand New Bundle"

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