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Dr. Marty Better Life Boosters Goat Milk is a probiotic to support healthy digestion with goat milk to support your dog's strong muscles. This goat milk supports healthy skin, a balanced gut, strong muscles, and a healthy immune system.


Uses and Benefits

  • Easy way to add more nutrients to your dog's meals
  • Each formula is made with 100% premium ingredients to help your dogs with their needs including:
    • Digestive health
    • Joint health
    • Immune health
    • Messy stools

Dr Marty Better Life Boosters: Goat Milk - 3.17 oz

SKU: 850004357774
  • Goat milk powder, bamboo silica, dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product.

  • Weight of Dog:         Amount Per Day:

    1-10Ibs                          1/2 scoop

    11-35Ibs                        1 scoop

    36-55Ibs                       1 1/2 scoops

    56Ibs or more            2 scoops 

    Directions: Mix your dog's serving size with water and pour over their food for a delicious gravy. The ideal powder-to-water ration is 1 scoop to 1 cup of water (8 fl oz). You can also use this powder as a topper or stir into their daily water.

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