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Wide height adjustable range, from 10” to 48”. It has a huge loading capacityof 350lbs.

Built-in electric receptacles (installed on one end), make for a very convenient

power source solution for your nail grinder, dryer and clipper.

Four versions available, FT-898 comes with standard flat top, FT-898-R is equipped with a round rotational turntable board in the middle of the rectangular top, FT-898R-SW is the one with fantastic swing arm on one end andalso a round rotation plate.

All of them could be used with strong overhead grooming arm.


ITEMNet WeightGross WeightDimension (cm)Volume
(kg)(kg)W×D×H(cm)           Stand           W×D×H(inch)         Package(cbm)
FT-8986265120×60×36-10847-1/4×23- 5/8×14-11/64~42-33/64123×63×40H0.31


Aeolus FT-898 'Big Z' Electric Lift Grooming Table

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