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  • Designed and recommended by veterinarians so you can feel confident when using
  • Keeps fingers away from mouths while administering oral medication
  • Maximizes control and ensures proper dosage of medication
  • Quick way to administer oral medication to dogs, cats, and other small animals
  • Helps to make a necessary task an easy one

Getting dogs and cats to take their vet-prescribed pills so they can stay healthy is tough enough. Getting them to do it without chomping down on a finger? Even tougher! The Four Paws Healthy Promise Pet Pill Dispenser helps you quickly and safely administer oral pills while assuring your pal gets the proper dosage.

Healthy Promise Pill Dispenser

SKU: 045663019150
    • Remove the plunger from the barrel and remove and discard the plastic collar from the plunger.
    • Insert tablet or capsule into the barrel and replace the plunger in the barrel.
    • Adjust the top barrel finger grips so that your index and middle finger can get a firm grip on the Pill Dispenser (see picture).
    • To open your pet's mouth, take your thumb and middle finger and apply gentle pressure on both sides of the jaw hinge. As the mouth opens, insert the Pill Dispenser to the back of the mouth and push plunger quickly to dispense medication.

    Cleaning Instructions Was with warm water and let air dry. Dishwasher safe on top rack only.

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