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iSperm 5/6 Canine Expansion Pack



iSperm 5/6 Canine Expansion Pack: Elevating Canine Reproduction

Unveil the zenith of canine semen analysis with the iSperm 5/6 Canine Expansion Pack. Seamlessly integrating with the state-of-the-art mCASA solution, this expansion has been meticulously designed to meet the nuanced demands of canine breeding, ensuring the highest pedigree outcomes.

Product Highlights:

  • Breed-Wide Mastery: While crafted with canines at heart, the iSperm 5/6 versatility stretches across species. It caters to equine, poultry, ovine, caprine, murine, swine, bovine, cervine, and more, each with pinpoint accuracy thanks to exact calibrations.

  • Seamless Synchronization: Integrate the canine module effortlessly with your extant iSperm 5/6 system, making it a breeding powerhouse.

  • Precision Tailored for Canines: Delve into dog-specific metrics and gain unparalleled insights into semen quality. Understand sperm motility, morphology, concentration, and vitality, all of which are paramount in dog breeding's success.

  • Visual Dynamics: Elevate client interactions with clear sperm track visualizations, bespoke for canines, ensuring transparent and informed breeding decisions.

  • All-In-One Breeding Console: Why settle for fragmented devices when the iSperm 5/6 mCASA can be your singular solution? From initial analysis to gestation predictions, it’s canine reproduction distilled into one dynamic tool.

  • Quick, Yet Comprehensive: Whether you're at a breeding facility or research lab, achieve detailed canine semen evaluations in record time. Harness insights within a minute, supported by an intuitive interface.

  • Driven by Data: Embrace decisions anchored in empirical evidence. Correlate evaluations with hard data, spotlight current fertility trends, and anticipate future shifts in canine breeding.

Canine Breeding Landscape: Dogs, with their myriad breeds and traits, present unique challenges in reproduction. From ensuring genetic diversity to optimizing litter sizes, the role of precise semen analysis is undeniable. Effective canine breeding programs hinge on understanding male fertility, managing stud dogs, and timing inseminations perfectly. The iSperm 5/6 Canine Expansion Pack becomes the lynchpin in this intricate process, bridging gaps, and ensuring breeders are always a step ahead.

Be at the Forefront of Canine Reproduction: Ready to redefine your dog breeding approach? Explore the iSperm 5/6 mCASA system and its canine capabilities by visiting For tailored advice, our dedicated team awaits at or 800-658-5308. Lead the canine breeding evolution with confidence and precision today!

iSperm 5/6 Canine Expansion Pack

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