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iSperm 5/6 Poultry Expansion Pack

Venture into the realm of poultry semen analysis with the iSperm 5/6 Poultry Expansion Pack. Immerse yourself in the industry-leading mCASA solution that's rapidly transforming breeding across a vast array of species.

Product Highlights:

Multi-Species Adaptability: Not confined to poultry! Upgrade your iSperm 5/6 system to cater to an extensive range of species such as equine, canine, caprine, murine, ovine, swine, bovine, cervine, and more. Each calibrated to perfection to guarantee precision.

Seamless Integration: With ease, integrate the poultry module into your current iSperm 5/6 system.

Precision Analysis: Harness species-specific metrics and data points to gain profound insights into poultry semen quality.

Visual Excellence: Strengthen your client relationships and enhance decision-making with sperm track visualization suited for each species, inclusive of poultry.

All-In-One Solution: Bid farewell to the era of juggling multiple gadgets. The iSperm 5/6 mCASA adapts effortlessly, becoming your comprehensive solution for assorted breeding ventures.

Quick & Accurate: Execute swift poultry semen evaluations on-site and detailed analyses in the laboratory environment. Get results within a minute, supplemented by a user-friendly interface.

Dive Deep with Data: Base your conclusions on concrete numeric data. Compare evaluations with data, scrutinize current fertility levels, and monitor emerging trends.

If you're set on broadening your horizons in the breeding sector or desire a platform that adapts to your growing needs, the iSperm 5/6 Poultry Expansion Pack is a crucial tool for your arsenal.

Join a global community of vets, breeders, and researchers spanning 40+ countries, who are streamlining their daily operations with iSperm mCASA.


Order and Upgrade Now: Unravel the expansive capabilities of the iSperm 5/6 mCASA system or to procure the Poultry Expansion Pack, visit Require support? Our dedicated team is ready to assist at or call 800-658-5308. Elevate your breeding expertise into the diverse species spectrum today!

iSperm 5/6 Poultry Expansion Pack


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