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iSperm Sampling Chips Complete Set

Dive into a seamless semen analysis experience with our comprehensive box of iSperm Sampling Chips. Inside, you'll find 500 premium-quality cup and cap sets designed for optimal precision and compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Compatible Models: Perfectly suited for both iSperm5 and iSperm6 systems.
  • Bulk Quantity: A total of 500 cup and 500 cap chips, ensuring a long-lasting supply for multiple tests.
  • Packaging: While the manufacturer provides these in 500 test sets, we've repackaged them into 100 test sets for your convenience. Each 100 set comes with two green bags and two clear ones.
  • Genuine Product: 100% OEM iSperm analyzer chips. Guaranteeing efficiency and reliability in every test.
  • Swift Shipping: Experience the combination of our top-notch product with our promise of easy and fast shipping.

Kindly Note: The iSperm analyzer is a necessary complement to these chips and is sold separately. Ensure you have or purchase the analyzer to effectively utilize the chips.

"iSperm 5 & 6 Sampling Chips, 500-Count Box "

SKU: 4712914650030