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Elevate your cleaning and disinfection routine with the Klean Guard Pro-X and Mini Smart Sprayer Combo Kit. This kit combines the efficiency of the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer with the convenience of the Mini Smart Sprayer, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your disinfection needs.

Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer: The Ultimate Disinfection Tool

The Pro-X Sprayer, designed to integrate seamlessly with Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets, offers unparalleled performance in animal pathogen control.



  • Chlorinated Tablet Attachment: Easily attaches to the sprayer for an effective disinfection solution.
  • High-Pressure Wash: Ensures thorough cleaning by removing stubborn contaminants.
  • Shutoff Handle: Provides control over the spray, minimizing waste.
  • Multiple Spray Heads: Offers various spray patterns for different needs.
  • Flexible Rod: Reaches difficult areas, guaranteeing comprehensive disinfection.
  • Proprietary Technology: Unique to the market, offering unmatched performance.

Klean Guard Mini – The Compact Power Sprayer

The Mini Smart Sprayer is your ideal partner for quick and effective cleaning.


  • User-Friendly: Simple one-button operation for ease of use.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Eco-friendly design with USB cable included.
  • Generous Capacity: 1-liter bottle for extensive coverage.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Adjustable nozzle with Viton seals for reliability.
  • Versatile Application: Flexible tube for multidirectional spraying.

This combo kit, including German-made parts assembled in the United States, represents the pinnacle of cleaning and disinfecting technology.

Title: "Klean Guard Pro-X and Mini Sprayer: Ultimate Cleaning Combo" Meta Description (200 characters): "Revolutionize cleaning with Klean Guard Pro-X & Mini Sprayer Kit. Advanced, versatile, and efficient."

Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer and Mini Smart Sprayer Combo Kit

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