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Large Reptile Brooder BL 700 R 


Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators, the R-COM Reptile  Brooder / ICU unit is the most sophisticated Reptile brooder with top of the line technology and features.
This unit will greatly enhance the ease and success rate of raising even your most sensitive species and / or helping in the healing of your Reptile.
Whether raising young from day one or needing an ICU unit, this Brooder does it all.
Automatic temperature control, humidity control,  large tray for small to larger species.
Easy to understand controls though one of the most sophisticated and advanced Reptile  Brooders on the market. Only a company as innovative as R-com, is able to offer you this superb unit. 


Main Features:  

  • Automatic Temperature Control  20C to 42C (68F to 107.6F)
  • Automatic Humidity Control 40% to 95%.
  • Digital Display
  • Double-wall insulation technology for infrared radiation and carbon heating
  • Recessed brooding tray for ease of access and clean up
  • Large viewing window for ease of observation
  • Two BLDC fans for optimal control of the brooder's condition
  • Light control function
  • Elegant design and optimal space distribution
  • Circuit breaker for protection from overheating

Power consumption: average 60W

This is the Large R-Com Reptile brooder measuring 34" wide x 18.5" from front to back x 17 1/3" high 




Reptile Brooder BL 700R Large

SKU: Bl700r
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