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The Lixit Dog Water Bottle provides a clean source of water for large breed dogs. It holds a full 64 ounces to quench the thirst of even the biggest pups. You can mount it easily onto most cages with the convenient wires that are included. The Lixit Dog Water Bottle is BPA free and comes with a stainless steel drinking tube that provides three times the amount of water while your dog drinks.

  • Easily give your dog fresh, clean water anytime he's in his cage, kennel, or fenced-in area
  • Made for large breed dogs and holds 64 ounces of water
  • Measures 5.5" x 3.5" x 9.5" high with a 3.5" long tube
  • Premium stainless steel tube with double ball
  • BPA-free container is widemouthed for easy cleaning and filling

Lixit Dog Water Bottle, 64oz.

SKU: 076711006808
    • Always fill bottle completely full.

    • Screw cap on tightly.

    • Continuous dripping can occur if cap is not tightened securely.

    • Check that the gasket is in place in the cap.

    • Always use the bottle support hanger.

    • Install out of direct sunlight.

    • Permanent hanger installation is recommended. Use pliers to crimp bail loops over cage wire.

    • Test bottle by pressing control ball at end of drinking tip.

    • If you add ice cubes to your pet's water on hot days, water will drip more than normal. This is due to the difference between the inside water temperature and the outside air temperature.

    Washing Instructions: To wash, remove bottle from cage. Remove lid and use a mild dish soap to gently clean the inside. You may find that a bottle brush is helpful. Please be sure to rinse bottle completely before refilling and returning the bottle to your pet's cage.

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