top of page is proud to present the Next Generation 150ml Dr. Kenney Semen Extender with Amikacin & K-Penn. This seminal product is based on the original Dr. Kenney formula and is expertly designed to optimize canine reproductive procedures.


Our kit contains all necessary components to create 150 ml of high-quality extender, essential for semen preservation and transportation.

The package includes a special anti-leak foil seal and components comprising both water and a dry mix pouch. Notably, this extender does not require refrigeration before reconstitution, offering ease of storage and use. After mixing, any leftover extender can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours in its tightly sealed bottle, or preferably, frozen in smaller quantities for future use. It can be easily thawed in a warm water bath, ensuring readiness for immediate application.

Our product is specifically designed for use with the Next Generation® Canine Collection Kit. During semen collection, emphasis is placed on obtaining a sperm-rich fraction while minimizing the prostatic portion. The extender is recommended to be used at a 4:1 extension ratio with the semen, and our product is compatible with various extenders like Universal or Velocity Extenders. The addition of Amikacin & K-Penn offers an effective antibiotic combination, although users should be aware of its potential harshness on some canine semen.

When preparing semen for fresh cooled transport, it's crucial to pre-warm the extender to 37° C to prevent thermal shock. Consistency in temperature between the semen and extender is vital for maintaining sperm viability. Optimal semen concentration and extension are key, with the aim of providing insemination doses suitable for the bitch's size, ensuring the highest chance of conception.

Our extender is suitable for multiple semen doses rather than a single large dose to avoid tract irritation and reduce the risk of contamination. It's important to note that seminal volume and sperm concentration vary among canine breeds, making a sperm count a prudent step in semen management. For shipping, larger dose volumes followed by centrifugation at the destination can be effective, provided the receiving facility is equipped for such procedures.


This product, versatile enough for both dogs and horses, is a testament to's commitment to advancing reproductive technology in veterinary medicine.

Next Generation Semen Extender w/antibiotics


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