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  • Nu-Stock Pierce's All Purpose Ointment is a versatile and potent topical solution designed to address a wide range of skin disorders and irritations in pets. This ointment delivers fast and effective relief from various skin conditions such as hotspots, red mange, screw worm, ring worm, and more. It's especially effective against troublesome ear mites, providing quick elimination upon contact.

    Formulated to soothe itching and discomfort, this ointment promotes rapid healing and encourages hair regrowth in affected areas. It's an ideal choice for treating common issues like rain rot, pasture fungus, gnat bites, proud flesh, and dermatoses. Whether you're dealing with cuts, bruises, burns, or swelling, Nu-Stock Pierce’s Ointment aids in recovery and helps maintain healthy skin

The convenient and easy-to-apply nature of this ointment makes it a must-have for pet owners. It's suitable for use on horses, addressing both minor and more severe skin problems. This all-purpose ointment is not just a treatment but a protective measure against various skin-related challenges your pet might face.

Nu-Stock Pierce's All Purpose Ointment, 12-oz bottle

SKU: 856162000019
  • Active Ingredients: Sulfur (73%), Mineral Oil (25%), Pine Oil (2%).

  • Shake well before using. Cleanse area to be treated, let dry. Try a small amount first to see how animal reacts. Then, apply to all affected areas. Repeat every 3 days until desired results. Do not wash off until reapplication is needed. May be thinned with baby oil if necessary to retain lotion-like consistency. To prevent eye contamination, wear protective rubber gloves when applying this product or wash hands thoroughly after applying.

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