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Elevate Your Pet Care with the Pet Brooder 90 Master Whelping Kit: The Ultimate Whelping Bundle! 🌟

Step into a realm where unparalleled care meets security with the Pet Brooder 90 Master Whelping Kit, an essential toolkit for every esteemed dog/cat breeder and veterinary professional. This meticulously crafted bundle transforms pet care into a triumphant journey, guiding puppies and kittens from vulnerability to vitality with grace and precision.

Why Choose the Pet Brooder 90 Master Whelping Kit? 🐾

The Pet Brooder 90 isn't just a puppy and kitten ICU; it's a sanctuary of warmth, safety, and optimal care, designed to ensure every fur baby thrives. With the ability to precisely control the environment, you can create a perfect haven for each litter, ensuring their robust growth and blossoming in meticulously crafted conditions.

Unwrap the Bundle of Joy! 🎁

This Exclusive Offer Includes:

  • Pet Brooder 90 - MXB90 Puppy ICU: A pinnacle of reliability that combines technology and compassion, offering a sanctuary for life and vitality.
  • Choose Your Oxygen Concentrator: Customizable options to meet diverse needs, ensuring every breath supports life.
  • Complimentary Philips Respironics Nebulizer: A testament to precision and care, making medication delivery a gentle, healing breeze.
  • Select Your Suction Machine: Guaranteeing a clear, vibrant environment for every pet, free from congestion.

Unparalleled Support! 🛡️

Join the family and unlock access to 7-day customer support and the K9 Reproduction Training Corner, filled with insightful training videos designed for mastery and success in pet care.

Need Guidance? We’re Here for You! ☎️

Choosing the right components for your kit can be overwhelming, but our veterinary-trained professionals are here to guide you. Call us at 800-658-5308 for expert advice and make informed decisions with confidence.

Your Trusted Partner in Pet Care Excellence! 🏆

With every ICU, bundle, and support call, is committed to creating a world where the vibrancy of life is not just observed but deeply experienced. Trusting in the Pet Brooder 90 Master Whelping Kit is more than a purchase—it's a pledge to provide unwavering care and boundless love for your precious charges.

Don’t Just Witness the Transformation, Be the Alchemist of It!

Dive into a world where care meets excellence, and make every moment of pet care a symphony of life with the Ultimate Pet Brooder 90 Bundle. Remember, the model of the nebulizer may vary, but we always guarantee a hospital-grade unit pulsating with precision and quality.

Grab the Ultimate Pet Brooder 90 Bundle – Where Every Beat of Care is a Symphony of Life!

Pet Brooder 90 Master Whelping Kit

SKU: Masterwhelp02
$1,250.00 Regular Price
$1,199.90Sale Price
  • Life time warranty is only valid if the unit was purchased through us! There is no other company on the market offering this warranty. This is something we are offering to reward our loyal clientele for the support!What is the K9reproduction Pet brooder lifetime warranty and how does it work? Simple, in the rare case you do find any major fault in your Pet brooder unit we confirm the bar code number. we will then work with you to diagnose the concerns. Once the concerns have been verified we will ship parts free of charge! Thats correct we even cover the shipping label. The repair will be guided via email or phone. Most repairs take under 15 minutes and are done with nothing more than a Phillips screw driver. Not to worry we are here 7 days a week for all customer concerns.How to activate you life time warranty? Easy simply register your device with us and you will be covered for the life of that device on all parts needed to keep it operating. This is a parts only warranty all repairs are the responsibility of the owner.Warranty valid for original invoice customer only. Free shipping does not cover international or Hawaii. Refunds will only be offered within first 30 days from purchase for UNOPENED and UNUSED Items. We do not supply any return labels.

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