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Tear Mender Skin Glue (2 Ounce)

It is a non-toxic adhesive that forms permanent, yet flexible bonds to materials it can penetrate such as fabric, leather and vinyl.  The glue is acid-free and formulated with natural latex.  Bonds are usable/wearable within 3 minutes and washable in 15 minutes making this product a quick fix for immediate fabric repairs.  

  • Forms durable, long lasting and permanent bonds to fabric and leather

  • Repairs items used both indoors and out

  • Made from renewable resources and is Eco-Friendly

  • Water-proof, flexible and UV resistant

  • Natural, non-toxic, acid free making it PERFECT FOR EAR TAPING PURPOSES

Size: 2 Ounce Bottle

Tear Mender Skin Glue (2 Ounce)

SKU: 742836002123

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