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  • Wee-Wee Pads are more absorbent than ever with a six-layer system to help prevent leaks.
  • Oversized quilted pockets work to absorb urine quickly and effectively.
  • Wet-lock gel quickly traps urine to help prevent tracking.
  • Each pad provides up to 24 hours of protection from leaks—so there’s no need to stack them up!
  • Paw-fect for canines of all sizes.

When nature calls, Four Paws Wee Wee Absorbent Pads for Dogs answer! These dog pee pads feature a six-layer system with oversized quilted pockets for maximum wee absorption. Each pad provides up to 24 hours of wetness protection and includes a targeted attractant to help draw dogs to the pad. One size fits all, so these pads are great for puppy training and senior dogs alike!

Wee-Wee Dog Pads, 30ct

SKU: 045663016302
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