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Wondfo Finecare Fincubator

Finecare Vet + the Finecare Fincubator is a match made in heaven. The Fincubator is an external incubation chamber designed specifically for the Finecare Vet, that allows for accurate, controlled testing anywhere!

The incubation temp of the Finecare test strips, can have a big effect on the accuracy of your results. Unstable temps produce unstable test results. 

Make sure your results are accurate by controlling the incubation temp of the test strips, with the Finecare Fincubator!

*Requires 3-5 days of lead time. 


  • Test at Volume - 6 temp controlled incubation slots for Finecare Vet cartridges. Run test after test with confidence. 
  • Test Anywhere - the Fincubator allows you to control the temp of incubation anywhere, even when the temperatures are unstable!
  • Constant and Stable Temp Control - Set the desired temp, allow it to warm up, prepare your test, and boom you have a ideal temp to incubate your tests. 
  • Built in timer - Set and forget! Prepare up to 6 tests at a time, and set the timer, you'll be a quick testing mode pro!

Wondfo Finecare Fincubator

SKU: Fincu01
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