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  • BETTER HEALTH—Using the highest technology, the Clean Groom solution incorporates dryers that does not produce harmful byproducts and equipment that enhances air quality such as the commercial air purifier and scented air mover, improving the health of every groomer and their customers.
  • INCREASED PROFITABILITY—every piece of equipment in Clean Groom is presented with a modernized design without sacrificing features that allow groomers to achieve a show quality look on pets and handle more appointments than ever before.
  • GREATEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION—The B-8 Eliteis the only brushless force dryer that exists, equipped with a long-lasting motor that produces 0 carbon dust. Say no to contaminating pets’ coats and give the best service to pet owners today.
  • SHOW QUALITY RESULTS—The B-16 Pro Finisher is a feature packed powerhouse of a stand dryer, producing the highest CFM in the market and equipped with both variable airflow and temperature controls to allow a precise and professional finish.
  • EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT—XPOWER’s Cage Dryer line gives you two models that include a timer and multi-cage drying kit (MDK), allowing busy groomers to free up their hands and conduct safe, unsupervised drying.


  • (1)  B-8 Elite Pro 4 HP Brushless Motor Dog Grooming Force Pet Dryer with Heat
  • (1)  B-16 Pro Finisher Brushless Motor Variable Speed and Heat Finishing Stand Pet Dryer
  • (1)  X-430TF-MDK 1/3 HP Cage Dryer with Timer and Filter Kit

The Clean Groom Core is your best option to improve both your health and business! At the center of this solution is the B-8 Elite brushless force dryer, developed with the most advanced technology in the market, which steps away from the conventional design to eliminate carbon dust and prevent damage to your lungs and provides precise adjustment options in both airflow and temperature. Add to that the industry leading stand dryer B-16 Pro Finisher, which produces the largest air volume in the market and adjustable temperature and speed, and you have the power to achieve the most professional results on any breed. If you’re not taking as many appointments as you would like as a small sized operation, the Clean Groom Core also includes the best-selling X-430TF cage dryer, which is equipped with a timer that fits AKC S.A.F.E standards, as well as a multi-cage drying kit that allows you to dry up to three cages—both of which help you manage even more appointments efficiently. With all three tools together, this is a fully integrated solution that helps you stand out and provide a totally unique service to your customers. The Clean Groom Core effectively prevents black carbon powder from contaminating pets’ coats during drying while achieving the highest show quality finish, giving your customers greater satisfaction and helping your grooming salon thrive for years to come.

XPOWER CleanGroom Carbon-Free Solution – Core

SKU: 848025091494
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