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  • Energy efficient DC Brushless Motor; use it plugged in anywhere around the house to charge & use at the same time, or take it on the go in battery mode
  • No other plug-in AC/rechargeable battery air circulator on the market offers the versatility and powerful airflow like the FC-150B
  • Ultimate versatility and convenience while utilizing the re-chargeable battery; take your air circulator outdoors or use during any project where you couldn’t before without a wall socket
  • You can leave it plugged in and charge the battery while stored away so you have a full charge anytime you need it
  • Powerful torque packed brushless DC motor
  • Option of Always-On setting or utilize the 3-hour Set-N-Forget timer
  • Precise variable speed control and 360-degree rotational stand
  • Wrap around cord management
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • LED battery life indicator bar
  • Battery run times will vary: estimated 3hrs at full speed and 24+hrs at low speed
  • Multi-purpose! Get ultimate whole room circulation with extended air flow to create a whole room circulation experience without the high cost of operation an A/C unit; or use for ventilation during projects or drying surfaces
  • Cut the cord! Use in places like never before at soccer games, DIY projects in the backyard, or anywhere around the home/office/commercial space without being limited to the location of an electrical socket

XPOWER’s FC-150B Brushless DC Motor Rechargeable Whole Room Air Circulator brings you all the features packed in your advanced XPOWER air circulator, but now with the freedom of cutting the cord. That’s right, utilize 1000 CFM of whole room air circulating power cord free. With its built in re-chargeable battery, charge up the unit and take your axial air mover anywhere you need air circulation, ventilation, or drying needs. XPOWER’s air movement technology leads the industry in features. Our in-house designed and manufactured brushless DC motors develops large amounts of torque to propel the air speed and volume you need for whole room circulation. The energy efficiency of our industry leading brushless DC motor can shine in this dual purpose AC/DC application helping to keep your utility costs down and extending the battery life during use. Extended and focused airflow is what you’ll get from our deep pitch designed fan blades and spiral grille design. You also get the convenience of a 3-hour Set-N-Forget timer or the option of Always-On setting. Precise variable speed control helps dial in the exact amount of airflow needed. The beauty of XPOWER variable speed and brushless DC motor technology gives you one of the quietest whole room air circulators in the market. The LED battery power indicator will help you know when it’s time to plug in or recharge. Our air circulators are one of the most versatile in the industry with an included stand for 360-degree coverage. Experience the next generation of air movement with XPOWER’s FC-150B Brushless DC Motor Rechargeable Whole Room Air Circulator.

XPOWER FC-150B Dual Power Corded/Cordless Rechargeable Brushless DC Motor Whole

SKU: 8480250441949

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