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  • Built-in water pump makes this truly a unique mister
  • Mobile and convenient misting, no longer tied down to a water line source
  • Capable of utilizing a water source like a 5 gallon utility bucket or our optional WT-90 water reservoir base for ultimate versatility
  • Water line with built-in filter for maintenance free operation
  • Independent water pump speed control, water pump timer, and 3 speed air speed
  • Dial in the perfect amount of mist and air speed to achieve your desired cooling effect
  • Inline GFCI Protection built-in for safety against accidental shock
  • Dual-purpose utility fan for both air circulation and Misting
  • Cooling solution that creates a comfortable outdoor environment
  • Convenient oscillating feature for maximum coverage and cooling
  • Can lower ambient temperatures as much as 25* Fahrenheit
  • Utilize indoor without the misting feature as a whole room air circulator for cooling and ventilation
  • Perfect for outdoor living: cool down patios, pool areas, picnics, and outdoor activities
  • Set up in your garden and greenhouse to keep plants healthy
  • Lightweight, compact and durable polypropylene (PP) plastic housing design
  • Features a sealed motor to protect it from contaminants and water damage
  • 3 adjustable speeds with 145* tilt position and 56* oscillating feature
  • Energy efficient, only 1 Amp draw with 1,700 CFM airflow output
  • Easy carry handle and cord wrap design
  • ETL/CETL safety certified and meet OSHA safety requirements



Introducing the XPOWER’s FM-88W, now with oscillation for maximum coverage and cooling for all your outdoor events and a truly unique versatile product with built-in water pump.  You no longer need a garden hose line attachment, utilize a water source like a 5 gallon utility bucket or XPOWER’s WT-90 water reservoir for the convenience of mobile water source.  Truly mobile misting function and with safety in mind with our inline GFCI circuit protection.  Utilize the FM-88W oscillating misting fan in your patio for outdoor parties, sporting event, pool areas, and even for gardening/greenhouse.  Stylish yet rugged for the outdoor, keeps you cool for your backyard activities.  Our misting fans can lower ambient temperatures as much as 25* Fahrenheit.  Disconnect the water line and utilize the extremely energy efficient 1 amp and a powerful 1700 cfm airflow for complete whole room circulation in your indoor setting. 

XPOWER FM-88W Multi-purpose Oscillating Misting Fan with Built-In Water Pump

SKU: 848025010259
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