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How Do I preform an ultrasound with my new machine?

A Comprehensive Guide to Performing an Ultrasound on a Pregnant Dog

Before You Begin:

1. Equipment and Supplies:

  • Ultrasound machine: Purchase a veterinary-grade ultrasound machine suitable for canine examinations. Our Trueview 5000 is our most popular. It is a great price and is suitable for canine pregnancy

  • Ultrasound gel: Ensure you have an ample supply of water-based ultrasound gel.

  • Towels or absorbent pads: These are handy for cleaning up any excess gel or fluids.

2. Familiarize Yourself:

  • Check out our ultrasound image gallery displaying reproductive images and canine anatomy.

Performing the Ultrasound:

1. Prepare the Environment:

  • Choose a calm and quiet area for the examination.

  • Make sure the dog is comfortable and relaxed, either lying down or gently restrained.

2. Acquaint the Dog with the Ultrasound Machine:

  • Allow your dog to sniff and investigate the ultrasound machine to alleviate any anxiety.

  • Switch on the machine and let it emit some sound to help familiarize the dog with the noise.

3. Apply Ultrasound Gel:

  • Squeeze an adequate amount of ultrasound gel onto your hand and gently spread it over the dog's abdomen.

  • Ensure the gel covers the area where the puppies are located, typically just behind the ribcage and towards the hindquarters.

4. Position the Transducer:

  • Hold the ultrasound transducer parallel to the dog's body and make gentle, circular motions over the abdomen.

  • Apply light pressure to obtain good contact between the transducer and the skin.

5. Scan Methodically:

  • Start scanning at the ribcage area and move towards the hindquarters, gradually covering the entire abdomen.

  • Take note of the orientation of the transducer and the corresponding ultrasound image on the screen.

6. Observe and Document:

  • Familiarize yourself with the appearance of various structures, such as the uterus, fetal sacs, and developing puppies.

  • Count the number of puppies and assess their size, position, and movement.

  • Take clear images or video clips of significant findings for reference and documentation.

7. Book an online appointment with our ultrasound technologist below (1 session included in purchase):


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