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Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Ensuring your dog stays cool during the summer is essential for their health and safety. Different breeds and ages of dogs handle heat differently, and special care is needed for elderly dogs and puppies under one year, as they can overexert themselves during play and may need forced breaks to cool off.

Breeds That Struggle with Heat, Dog Cool in the Summer

Certain breeds are more susceptible to heat-related issues, particularly those with short noses (Brachycephalic breeds) like Pugs, as well as overweight dogs and breeds with extra skin, like Shar Peis.

Preventing Overheating

Dogs don't sweat like humans; they release heat through panting and their paw pads. Here are some tips to help prevent your dog from overheating: Dog Cool in the Summer

  1. Choose Cool Surfaces:

  • Let your dog rest on cool grass rather than hot concrete or gravel, which can increase their body temperature.

  1. Avoid Hot Pavement:

  • Walking on hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paws. If the pavement is too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your dog.

  1. Stay Home During Peak Heat:

  • On very hot days, it’s best to keep your dog at home in a cool, shaded area.

  1. Be Cautious with Car Rides:

  • Avoid taking your dog on car rides during hot weather. Even a short time in a hot car can be deadly. If you must leave your dog in the car briefly, leave a large note with your contact information visible to passersby.

  1. Adjust Feeding Times:

  • Feed your dog in the cooler evening hours. If feeding twice a day, give a smaller portion in the morning and a larger one in the evening. Lower fat and protein diets can also help reduce the heat produced during digestion.

  1. Make Cool Treats:

  • Create popsicles using water and a small amount of beef or chicken bouillon. Freeze them in ice cube trays for a refreshing treat that helps cool your dog from the inside out.

  1. Electrolyte Solutions:

  • For outside dogs, mix electrolytes in their drinking water to help them stay hydrated and cool.

  1. Use Shade and Water:

  • Ensure your dog has access to shade and fresh water at all times. Sun screens and water misters can help reduce the temperature in outdoor kennels.

  1. Wading Pools and Sprinklers:

  • Provide a shallow pool or sprinkler for your dog to play in. This can be a fun and effective way to keep them cool.

Tips for Jogging with Your Dog

If you jog with your dog in the summer, ensure both of you are comfortable. If you struggle with the heat, your dog will too. Consider these options:

  • Canine Backpacks: Use lightweight backpacks that hold water bottles to keep your dog hydrated.

  • Proper Leashes: Use leashes that don't restrict breathing. Lightweight, adjustable leashes are ideal.

  • Collapsible Bowls: Carry a collapsible bowl for your dog to drink from, avoiding community water sources.

Additional Cooling Tips

  • Sun Protection: Dogs can get sunburned, especially on unpigmented skin. Use pet-safe sunscreen to protect them.

  • Cool Water: Provide cool water throughout the day to help regulate their body temperature.

By following these tips, you can help your dog stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. For more information on keeping your dog cool and other pet care tips, visit

dog hot in summer
dog hot in summer


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