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When should I perform an ultrasound?

  1. Early Pregnancy (Days 20-30): During the early stage of pregnancy, it can be challenging to detect pregnancy through ultrasound as the fetal structures are very tiny. At this stage, you may only observe small, fluid-filled sacs in the uterus, which represent the developing embryos. When you do see sacs you will be able to measure them for an approximate due date.

  2. Mid Pregnancy (Days 30-45): As the pregnancy progresses, the fetal structures become more apparent on ultrasound. You may be able to see the fetal sacs with visible embryos inside. The puppies will be approximately 2-3 cm in length, you will be able to detect heartbeats and obtain skull measurements.

  3. Late Pregnancy (Days 45-63): In the final weeks of pregnancy, the puppies will be more developed and larger in size. Their individual heartbeats will be more pronounced and easily visible on the ultrasound. You may observe the puppies moving, although it becomes more crowded inside the uterus, making it more challenging to count each one accurately.

  4. Just Before Whelping (Days 60-63): In the last few days before whelping (giving birth), the puppies will be fully developed, and their skeletons will be visible on the ultrasound. You may also see some amniotic fluid around them, indicating that they are ready for birth.


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