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4 Tips for Last-Minute Puppy Toy Gifts

Playing with a new puppy is a great way to bond with your new fur baby, and toys can also help keep your dog entertained when you’re busy. These tips will help you buy the best toys for your puppy this holiday season.

Need some help finding the right gift for a puppy in your life? Level up your gift-giving by getting the right toys for the right pups. That way, you can ensure your dog’s toy is safe and that it will keep them happy and out of trouble!

1. Choose an Interactive Toy

Interactive puppy toys stimulate thinking by dispensing treats, launching balls, or moving semi-autonomously. Some are puzzles, while others respond to particular puppy behaviors. They keep puppies stimulated in a variety of ways without requiring constant, repetitive effort on your part. They’re great to use when you’re away from home or busy, or any other time you want to give your pup the opportunity to practice keeping themselves entertained.

2. Pick Toys that Match Your Puppy’s Temperament

Is your puppy energetic, curious, fearless, and undaunted by new situations and opportunities? Then noisy, flashy, highly responsive toys are likely a good option. Alternatively, is your dog more cautious and unsure how to approach unfamiliar things? In that case, you’ll want to go for a less lively toy. Something that doesn’t move or make too much noise will probably be best. Puzzles may be your best solution here.

3. Make Sure the Toys Are Safe

Large-breed puppies or excessive chewers may tear up certain toys too easily. This means there’s a risk of your pup getting small objects caught in their throat or ingesting something hazardous like batteries. If this sounds like your little buddy, opt for something made of dense rubber or canvas instead of plush or plastic toys. Always supervise your pup when introducing a new toy and remember: no toy is truly indestructible.

4. Check Toy Durability

You don’t want to break the bank buying a new interactive toy each week. So make sure what you purchase is made of material that’s durable enough to last more than the afternoon. At the same time, it can’t be so hard that it hurts your puppy’s tiny teeth.

Some toys, such as laser pointers or revolving lights, are extremely durable—so long as you don’t drop them. Your puppy won’t actually be biting any sort of mechanism, so they can’t destroy them.

Dr. Jo Myers is a telehealth veterinarian with a passion for helping animals that have skin, ear, and allergy issues.


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4 Tips for Last-Minute Puppy Toy Gifts


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