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Elevating Care in Zoos and Animal Rehabilitation: The Curadle 160 Pro Series ICU

Discover the next generation of veterinary care with the Curadle 160 Pro Series ICUs, a lineup that's transforming the way zoos, animal rehabilitation centers, and large-scale animal care facilities nurture small animals back to health. proudly presents the standout model of this series, the Curadle Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160 Pro+ with Camera, epitomizing the zenith of small animal intensive care.

The PX160 Pro+ with Camera: A Game-Changer for Advanced Care

The Curadle Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160 Pro+ transcends the standard in veterinary ICU care. Tailored for small animals, this unit is an indispensable asset for high-end veterinary practices, zoos, and rehabilitation centers dealing with delicate animal patients.

Unmatched Features for Diverse Care Needs

  • Oxygen and Temperature Control: Advanced systems for regulating oxygen concentration and cooled flooring, crucial for sensitive species.

  • Remote Monitoring Capability: Equipped with an IP Camera and smartphone integration, this feature enables continuous observation, vital for critical care in zoos and rehab centers.

Designed for the Demands of Zoos and Rehab Centers

  • Versatile Floor Heating and Cooling: Adjustable to suit a variety of small animal species.

  • Therapeutic and Sterilization Lighting: Infrared for healing, UV for sanitization – essential for maintaining a sterile environment in high-traffic care facilities.

Specifications & Warranty for Institutional Use

  • Robust Build and Size: Ideal for institutional settings with diverse small animal care needs.

  • Reliable Warranty: A 2-year limited warranty, ensuring long-term service and support.

The Curadle 160 Pro Series: Catering to Every Care Level

Comprehensive ICU Solutions

  • From Basic to Complex Needs: Our range includes units for all levels of patient care, perfectly suited for zoos and animal rehabilitation facilities.

  • Innovative Technology: Each model is equipped with features like digital humidity and temperature controls, essential for diverse species.

Tailored for Institutional Success

  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use by professionals in busy care environments.

  • Durable and Easy to Clean: Built to withstand the rigors of institutional use, ensuring longevity and hygiene.

Partnering with Zoos and Animal Care Facilities

At, we recognize the unique challenges faced by zoos and animal rehabilitation centers in providing top-tier care to small animals. The Curadle 160 Pro Series, especially the PX160 Pro+ with Camera, is our answer to these challenges, offering state-of-the-art technology and unmatched versatility. Elevate the standard of care in your facility with our ICU units, and witness the difference in recovery and well-being of the animals in your charge. 🐾✨

Curadle 160 Pro+ with Camera
Curadle 160 Pro+ with Camera


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