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iSperm User Guide: An Overview and Proper Application Procedure, How to use iSperm 6.

iSperm User Guide: An Overview and Proper Application Procedure 1. Operating Procedure: Setting up your iSperm device:

  • Attach the iSperm case to your iPad.

  • Ensure the Microscopic Optical Lens Module's light field is centered on your screen.

  • Confirm the light source functions properly.

  • Place the heater over the optical lens sleeve and connect it to a power source. It's set up correctly when the LED indicator starts flashing.

Setting up the iSperm App:

  • Update to the latest version of the app on your iPad.

  • Activate the video saving function. While optional, the saved videos can help troubleshoot issues.

Preparing the Semen Sample:

  • Ensure the semen sample is evenly mixed, as it can easily agglutinate.

  • If the semen has been refrigerated, allow it to return to room temperature for at least 20 minutes before evaluation to ensure accurate motility assessment.

Sampling Procedure:

  • Hold the light source upright when dipping the Base Chip into the sample cup, then press the Base Chip vertically into the Cover Chip.

  • Always pair the base chip and cover chip before inserting the light source into the optical lens sleeve. A "click" sound indicates they're paired correctly.

  • Avoid multiple tests on the same chip as semen can agglutinate within a minute, affecting results.

Using the iSperm App:

  • Place the iPad mini on a flat surface. Holding the iPad during analysis might skew results.

  • The software uses video to analyze semen. Avoid dirt, bubbles, and drifting as they can alter the results.

  • Analyze the sample within a minute after sampling for accurate results.

2. iSperm Principle: Concentration: The concentration adjustment of the iSperm algorithm considers sample concentrations, chip numbers, and linear relationships. Motility: The software processes video frames to identify total and motile sperms. The difference between frames gives the motile sperms count. 3. Comparison: Photometer, CASA, and iSperm: Photometer: Measures light absorption of colored substances to calculate concentration. CASA System: A tool for sperm analysis, which needs consistent settings and strict procedures. iSperm: Focus on standardization and quality control for accuracy. 4. Comparing iSperm with Other Sperm Evaluation Tools: To compare results from iSperm with other tools, collect a fresh semen sample, warm it, and estimate its concentration. Create multiple dilutions of the sample and analyze them with both the iSperm and other devices like the CASA system. 5. Real-World Application: Suppose your sample reads a concentration of 450 Million/mL with a 78% progressive motility and 95% normal morphology:

  1. Calculate healthy sperms: 450×0.78×0.95=333450×0.78×0.95=333 Million/mL.

  2. For 10mL AI, you'll have 333×10=3,330333×10=3,330 million total healthy sperms.

  3. Remember, if you're using extenders or freezing the sperm, these numbers will be affected. For instance, a 333 million/mL sample mixed with a two-part extender will be diluted to 111 million/mL.

Ensure you always consider any factors that might affect sperm quality when making decisions based on these evaluations.

How to use iSperm 6
How to use iSperm 6

How to use iSperm 6
How to use iSperm 6


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