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The Best Canine Progesterone Analyzers Of 2023

First Place: VetChroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer

The VetChroma Immuno Fluorescent Analyzer has earned its place as our top choice for veterinary equipment. This small but powerful machine offers a wide range of testing capabilities, including:

  1. Comprehensive Testing: The VetChroma can perform vital tests, such as measuring canine progesterone levels, canine T4 thyroid hormone, canine D-dimer (a blood clotting marker), cortisol levels, and canine C-reactive protein (C-CRP, an inflammation indicator).

  2. Reliable Accuracy: VetChroma is renowned for its remarkable accuracy, a trait that's essential for diagnosing and monitoring various health conditions in animals. It has a long-standing reputation for delivering dependable results.

  3. Exclusive Availability: is the exclusive distributor of the VetChroma Immuno Fluorescent Analyzer in the USA. This means that our website is the sole source for purchasing this outstanding machine.

  4. Strong Industry Backing: The VetChroma is produced by Boditech, a well-respected name in the medical industry. Boditech's veterinary division, Anivet, manages the VetChroma, benefiting from the support and backing of a major player in both human and animal healthcare.

  5. Rich Medical Heritage: The VetChroma's roots lie in human medicine, which underscores its robust design and reliability. It's backed by a company with a rich history and expertise in medical diagnostics.

Key Features We Love:

  • LCD Display: Provides clear and concise test results.

  • Built-in Thermal Printer: Allows for immediate documentation.

  • Portability: With the option to use 4 AA batteries, the VetChroma becomes a mobile analyzer, perfect for on-the-go testing.

  • Progesterone Scale: Ranging from 0 to 24ng, it's ideal for reproductive testing planning.

Understanding the Scale: While some may consider the VetChroma's progesterone scale only going up to 24ng as a limitation, we see it as an advantage. By 24ng, you should have a well-defined breeding plan in place. Higher numbers are often a result of delayed testing and don't significantly contribute to reproductive testing.

Refrigerated Test Kits: It's worth noting that the VetChroma's test kits require refrigeration, which can affect pricing due to the need for specialized shipping.

Accuracy Comparable to Premium Machines: In a head-to-head test against the Tosoh AIA 360, a machine that costs nearly $40,000, the VetChroma demonstrated accuracy within a margin of 5%. This remarkable precision places the VetChroma on par with machines that are significantly more expensive, showcasing its reliability and value.

Stay tuned for our second and third favorite picks as we continue to showcase the finest veterinary equipment available at

Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer
Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer

Our second favorite pick: the Wondfo Canine Progesterone Analyzer.

While it offers impressive capabilities, it's important to note the distinctions from our first-place favorite, the VetChroma Immuno Fluorescent Analyzer.

Second Place: Wondfo Canine Progesterone Analyzer The Wondfo Canine Progesterone Analyzer is our second top choice for veterinary equipment. It excels in several areas, although it has some differences compared to the VetChroma:

  1. Focused Testing: The Wondfo analyzer concentrates on three key tests—progesterone, thyroxine or T4, and CRP (C-reactive protein). While this limits its scope compared to the VetChroma, it still covers essential diagnostic parameters.

  2. Similar Features: Like the VetChroma, the Wondfo features an LCD display and a built-in thermal printer, allowing for immediate result documentation.

  3. No Mobility Option: Unlike the VetChroma, the Wondfo analyzer lacks the option to operate on batteries, which means it's not as portable.

  4. Exceptional Warranty and Support: Wondfo offers an outstanding one-year warranty on all their equipment, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. They work closely with to provide top-tier support to our clients.

  5. Progesterone Scale: The Wondfo analyzer boasts a progesterone scale ranging from 0 to 40ng. This extended scale can be advantageous if you prefer to test dogs in the higher progesterone ranges.

Test Kits: The Wondfo test kits are notably affordable, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious users. These kits are non-temperature sensitive and can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit without compromising their structure or calibration.

Conclusion: While the Wondfo Canine Progesterone Analyzer takes second place in our blog series, it's important to recognize its merits. It offers focused testing, an extended progesterone scale, and affordability. However, it does not have the same mobility option as the VetChroma and covers a narrower range of diagnostic parameters.

Third place Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone Analyzer. This machine stands out for its unique capabilities, making it a valuable addition to the veterinary diagnostic toolkit. Third Place: Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone, Parvo, and Distemper Analyzer The Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone Analyzer earns the third spot on our list for its distinctive features. While it may not offer the same tests as our previous selections, it brings a unique set of diagnostic capabilities to the table:

  1. Unique Test Suite: The Healvet 3000 stands apart by offering tests that are not available on other machines in its category. It specializes in canine progesterone, parvovirus, and distemper testing. While this might not cover the same range as the previous machines, it provides crucial diagnostics for specific scenarios.

  2. LCD Display and Built-In Printer: Similar to our other picks, the Healvet 3000 features an LCD display and a built-in thermal printer, allowing for immediate result documentation.

  3. Non-Mobile Option: Like the Wondfo, the Healvet 3000 does not have the ability to operate on batteries, limiting its mobility compared to the VetChroma.

  4. Temperature Tolerance: The test kits for the Healvet 3000, like the Wondfo, are not temperature-sensitive and can withstand high heat conditions without compromising accuracy.

  5. Affordable Test Kits: The cost of test kits for the Healvet 3000 is competitive, priced at $90 for a package of 10 tests.

Company and Future Outlook: While the Healvet company is relatively new, its inclusion in our top three speaks to the machine's potential and performance. Being considered among the top choices in its debut year indicates a promising future. The Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone, Parvo, and Distemper Analyzer has shown excellent results and growth potential.

Conclusion: Selecting the right veterinary machine ultimately depends on the specific diagnostic needs of the customer. The Healvet 3000's unique test suite sets it apart, offering vital diagnostics for canine progesterone, parvovirus, and distemper. Its LCD display, built-in printer, and temperature-tolerant test kits add to its appeal. With all three of our top picks—VetChroma, Wondfo, and Healvet 3000—available for purchase at, you have access to a range of quality options to support your veterinary practice. Choose the one that best aligns with your diagnostic requirements and preferences.

In conclusion, our journey through the world of veterinary equipment has led us to recognize the VetChroma Immuno Fluorescent Analyzer as our top pick. Its exceptional accuracy and mobility make it a standout choice. However, both the Wondfo Canine Progesterone Analyzer and the Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone, Parvo, and Distemper Analyzer have their unique strengths and capabilities, ensuring your satisfaction with either choice.

At, we're proud to offer all three of these outstanding machines for purchase. Your decision ultimately hinges on your specific diagnostic needs, but rest assured, no matter which one you select, you'll have access to top-tier equipment to support your veterinary practice. Choose with confidence and elevate your ability to provide the best care for your furry patients.


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