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The Tosoh AIA 360 canine progesterone Analyzers

The Tosoh AIA-360 is an automated immunoassay analyzer that's commonly used in various medical and veterinary applications. While it's not specifically designed just for canine progesterone testing, it's versatility and features make it suitable for this purpose. Here's why it's considered a reliable choice for canine progesterone testing:

  1. Automated Testing: The Tosoh AIA-360 provides automated testing, which can reduce the possibility of human error and increase the consistency of results.

  2. Compact Design: Its compact size allows it to fit comfortably in smaller labs or veterinary clinics without taking up excessive space.

  3. Efficiency: It boasts a throughput of 36 tests per hour, which is efficient enough for many veterinary clinics and breeders.

  4. Broad Test Menu: Beyond just progesterone, the Tosoh AIA-360 has a broad test menu, making it versatile for various diagnostic needs, potentially providing a good return on investment for clinics.

  5. Random Access Testing: This allows for on-demand testing, which is essential for time-sensitive measurements like progesterone, where breeders or vets may need results quickly to make decisions.

  6. Direct Sample Measurement: The machine can measure directly from the sample tube, which reduces the need for additional handling and potential contamination.

  7. User-Friendly Interface: Having a clear and intuitive interface can reduce the learning curve for staff and ensure the machine is used correctly and efficiently.

  8. High Quality and Precision: Tosoh is known for producing high-quality medical equipment. The precision of their analyzers can lead to reliable and repeatable results, which is crucial for progesterone testing where even small inaccuracies can lead to missed breeding opportunities.

  9. Reputable Brand: Tosoh is a well-known brand in the realm of medical and diagnostic equipment, and its reputation lends a degree of trustworthiness to its products.

While the Tosoh AIA-360 has many advantages, like any piece of equipment, its effectiveness will depend on proper maintenance, calibration, and correct usage. It's also essential to compare it with other analyzers on the market to determine if it's the best fit for specific needs. Always consult with professionals or technicians familiar with the machine for the best results.


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