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Unveiling the Future of Equine Health: The Healvet 301P Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer

In the rapidly evolving world of equine veterinary medicine, the introduction of the Healvet 301P Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer marks a significant milestone. This cutting-edge device is designed to bring laboratory-grade diagnostics directly to the stable, field, or clinic, offering unparalleled convenience and precision for veterinarians and equine health professionals. Let's delve into the details of this innovative machine and explore the critical parameters it measures, shedding light on its impact on equine health management.

The Machine: A Closer Look

At the heart of the Healvet 301P lies a fusion of advanced technology and user-centric design. This mobile equine blood analyzer embodies portability and efficiency, allowing for on-the-spot blood analysis without the need for bulky laboratory equipment. Equipped with a smart Android operating system, it offers a seamless interface for veterinarians to manage data, conduct tests, and share results, all from the palm of their hand.

The device’s compact size belies its robust capabilities. Designed for the demanding environments of mobile veterinary services, it features a durable build, a rechargeable battery for field operations, and connectivity options such as 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth for easy data transfer.

Key Parameters Analyzed

The Healvet 300P excels in its wide range of diagnostic tests, enabling comprehensive health assessments through the analysis of key blood parameters:

  • Equine Serum Amyloid A (ESA): An acute phase protein indicative of inflammation and infection. Measuring ESA levels can help identify health issues even before clinical symptoms appear, allowing for timely intervention.

  • Foal Immunoglobulin G (Foal IgG): Critical for assessing passive transfer of immunity in newborn foals. Adequate levels of IgG are essential for the neonate's defense against early-life infections.

  • Progesterone (PG): Important for managing breeding and monitoring pregnancy status. Progesterone levels provide valuable insights into reproductive health and timing for breeding.

  • Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH): Used in diagnosing and monitoring Equine Cushing’s Disease. ACTH levels can guide treatment decisions and help manage this common endocrine disorder.

Why It Stands Out

The Healvet 301P Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer is not just a device but a comprehensive solution for equine health management. Its ability to deliver rapid, accurate results within minutes revolutionizes how veterinarians approach diagnostics. No longer are they bound by the constraints of sending samples to external labs and waiting days for results. Instead, they can make informed decisions and provide immediate care, greatly improving the outcomes for their equine patients.

Moreover, the device’s focus on key equine health parameters ensures that veterinarians have access to a broad spectrum of diagnostic information, from routine health checks to the management of complex conditions. Each test is designed to be quick and straightforward, minimizing stress for the animals and streamlining the workflow for veterinary professionals.


The Healvet 301P Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer stands as a testament to the advancements in veterinary technology, offering a future where high-quality, immediate care is accessible directly at the point of need. For equine veterinarians, this device is not just a tool but a partner in their mission to provide the best possible care for their patients. With its combination of portability, efficiency, and a comprehensive range of diagnostic capabilities, the Healvet 300P is setting new standards in the field of equine health diagnostics.

Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer
Mobile Equine Blood Analyzer


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