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Upgrade Your Canine Health Diagnostics with Our Exclusive Vet Chroma Buyback Program

🌟 Enhancing Canine Care with Vet Chroma's Buyback Initiative 🌟

Welcome to a new chapter in canine health and breeding diagnostics! We're excited to introduce our innovative Vet Chroma Buyback Program, designed to support kennels and veterinary offices in their quest for precision and efficiency. This initiative is not just about upgrading to a new device; it's a step towards fostering a community that prioritizes top-tier canine health care.

The Vet Chroma Advantage

Vet Chroma stands at the forefront of canine progesterone testing and diagnostics. With its advanced features, it offers a level of precision and ease that is unparalleled in canine health assessments.

  • Enhanced User Interface: Simplifying the testing experience.

  • Expanded Testing Parameters: Including progesterone, T-4, cortisol, D-Dimer, and C-CRP.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Bundle: Everything you need for accurate and efficient testing.

What Does the Buyback Program Entail?

Our Buyback Program is a unique opportunity for kennels and vet offices to upgrade their current equipment. Here's how it works:

  • Trade-In Discount: We offer a significant $600 discount on the Vet Chroma Analyzer when you trade in any approved name-brand progesterone analyzer.

  • Approval Process: To ensure quality and compatibility, we pre-approve all trade-ins.

  • Support and Growth: This program is designed to help you grow and enhance your services by making the transition to Vet Chroma seamless and financially advantageous.

Why Choose Vet Chroma?

  • Precision in Progesterone Testing: Essential for breeding and health monitoring in dogs.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Ensures accurate results every time.

  • Cost-Effective: The buyback discount makes it an attractive option financially.

  • Community Building: Join a network of professionals dedicated to advancing canine health.

Beyond Just a Transaction: Building a Community

We understand that transitioning to a new system can be challenging. That’s why our Buyback Program is more than just a transaction; it's about becoming part of a community dedicated to the highest standards in canine health care. By choosing Vet Chroma, you're not just upgrading your equipment; you're elevating the standard of care you provide to your canine clients.

🌟 A Step Towards Enhanced Canine Care with Vet Chroma 🌟

Our goal is to replace outdated units with the cutting-edge Vet Chroma Analyzer, offering you a tool that matches your commitment to excellence in canine health. This initiative represents our commitment to supporting kennels and veterinary practices in providing the best possible care.

Whether you're looking to enhance your breeding program or elevate your veterinary services, Vet Chroma, coupled with our Buyback Program, is your pathway to achieving these goals. Embrace this opportunity to join a growing community that values precision, efficiency, and excellence in canine health diagnostics.

Interested in learning more about the Vet Chroma Buyback Program and how it can benefit your practice? Visit our website or contact us for detailed information and to start your journey towards enhanced canine health diagnostics!

Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer
Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer


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