Canine progesterone testing facts

As a breeder, you already know that when it comes to reproduction, the canine species is really unique. I have invested many hours over a number of years to help breeders develop a better understanding of how to be successful in the ultimate pursuit of producing healthy litters. Here is a short recap: Progesterone is secreted before ovulation in dogs, and we can use this characteristic of the canine estrous cycle to determine when the bitch ovulates. This is what we refer to as “timing of ovulation,” a great tool to improve fertility and prolifically in your dogs since mistimed breeding is—by far—the most common cause of infertility in the bitch. When I was working at the reproduction center at the Alfort Veterinary School (Paris, France), these consultations were part of my daily routine. Here are 20 facts that might help you better understand the reasoning behind it.

  1. When to start? It is recommended to have the first consultation around six days after the beginning of the heat cycle. Sound too early? Well, always better sooner than later. Unfortunately, some bitches might ovulate as soon as this in their estrous cycle.

  2. Very often I had clients call me to say: “Doctor, my bitch is at [number] in progesterone. What should I do?” My typical answer: “[Number] wha