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A Comprehensive Guide to Artificial Insemination in Dogs with AllGoodFrenchies

Artificial insemination in dogs is a vital technique for breeders and veterinarians aiming for successful and controlled breeding outcomes. Recently, we hosted a training session at our facility in Menifee, CA, the canine reproduction headquarters of Southern California. AllGoodFrenchies booked a training course to learn how to perform artificial insemination using their own dogs. This session not only served as a promotional showcase for our services but also as a comprehensive training video to educate others on this essential procedure.

Step 1: Confirming Progesterone Levels Before beginning the artificial insemination process, it’s crucial to confirm that the female dog is ready for breeding. Our video explains how to monitor progesterone levels and ensure they are above 15 ng/ml, signaling the optimal time for insemination. Proper timing is critical for the success of artificial insemination in dogs.

Step 2: Collecting Semen from the Male Dog The first practical step in artificial insemination in dogs is collecting semen from the male. In the video, we demonstrate this process using a soft AI collection bag. The collection typically takes a few minutes and should be performed gently to avoid causing stress to the dog. Ensuring a calm and controlled environment is key to successful semen collection.

Step 3: Analyzing Semen Quality Once the semen is collected, it’s vital to analyze its quality to ensure it is viable for insemination. We use the iSperm semen analysis system to check for motility above 75% and a total concentration volume above 250 million. These parameters are essential to confirm that the semen is of high quality and suitable for artificial insemination in dogs.

Step 4: Performing the Insemination Next, we show how to perform artificial insemination in dogs using a flexible AI pipette attached to a syringe. The AI straw is gently inserted into the female dog’s vagina. Our video provides a clear demonstration of this step, highlighting the importance of gentle handling and precision to ensure the procedure’s success.

Step 5: Ensuring Successful Semen Passage After injecting the semen, maintaining gentle pressure for 10-15 minutes simulates the natural tie and helps the semen pass through the cervix. This step is crucial for maximizing the chances of successful fertilization. Our video emphasizes the importance of this step and provides tips on how to perform it effectively.

Why Choose At, we are dedicated to providing the best resources and supplies for canine reproduction. As the largest online supplier for all things related to canine reproduction, we offer a wide range of products and expert advice to support breeders and veterinarians alike. Our training session with AllGoodFrenchies showcased not only our top-tier services but also served as a valuable educational experience for others.

Conclusion: Artificial insemination in dogs is a valuable tool for breeders and veterinarians, offering a controlled and reliable method for breeding. By taking advantage of our comprehensive training sessions, you can enhance your breeding program’s success. For a detailed visual guide, watch our video tutorial. Visit for more expert tips, tutorials, and top-quality reproductive products.

For more detailed information and expert advice, visit Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and stay updated on the latest in canine reproduction.


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