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Best Practices When Using an Incubator for Newborn Puppies

Best Practices When Using an Incubator for Newborn Puppies

Welcoming a litter of newborn puppies into the world is a significant responsibility as you must provide quality care to keep them safe as they grow. An animal incubator plays a critical role in this process and provides weak or premature puppies with a stable environment to live in. Below, we detail the best practices when using an incubator for newborn puppies.

Understand the Controls

Your incubator will serve as a surrogate environment for the puppies, so it’s important to understand how to properly control it. More specifically, you should understand how to alter the oxygen, temperature, and humidity levels so you can provide the best possible conditions for the puppies’ development. 

Note that you’ll have to alter the temperature settings based on the puppies’ growth stage. Contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure about your incubator’s appropriate settings or operations. They can provide detailed instructions surrounding their product’s specifications. 

Pro Tip

Keep an eye on the temperature settings, as they can fluctuate over time. It’s a good idea to have a thermometer in the incubator to easily monitor the temperature. 

Keep the Incubator Clean

Regularly clean and disinfect the incubator to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that could be lethal to canines. Regular maintenance is especially important in the newborn stages since puppies don’t have their vaccinations and are more immune-compromised than older dogs.

Establish a daily routine to clean out the incubator; you may have to clean it several times a day if there are any accidents or spills. Use a disinfectant that’s safe for the puppies and avoid harsh chemicals that may harm their delicate respiratory systems.

Maintain Your Incubator

Keeping the machine well-maintained is another best practice when using an incubator for newborn puppies. Once the puppies are healthy enough to survive outside the incubator, store the machine in a safe and secure location. You’ll prevent damage to your equipment and ensure you can use it whenever needed.

Moreover, perform regular maintenance checks on it to ensure all controls and sensors are functioning properly during and between uses. Contact the manufacturer for a repair if your puppy incubator doesn’t work the way it should.

Purchase a Quality Incubator

A good incubator will maintain a consistent temperature, regulate humidity effectively, and offer sufficient space for the puppies to move around comfortably. Shop for models with clear visibility, enabling you to always keep a close eye on the puppies. sells incubators for newborn puppies, making it easy for you to provide baby animals with top-level care. We have experience in canine reproduction and only sell the best products to breeders and veterinarians. You can provide the animals in your care with the best possible start to their lives with our equipment, ensuring they grow up healthy and strong.


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