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Expand Your Market with Healvet 3000: Exclusive West Coast Distributor Program

Discover a golden opportunity for West Coast businesses to thrive with the Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone Analyzer. As the leading distributor, we are inviting applications for exclusive dealership rights in this region.

Introducing Healvet 3000: Healvet 3000 is a top-tier analyzer in canine health, offering precise progesterone testing, essential for breeders and veterinarians. Its advanced technology makes it a must-have in the field.

The Distributor Program: Our program is specially designed for businesses on the West Coast looking to expand their portfolio in veterinary care. As a dealer, you’ll have an exclusive territory, ensuring a strong market presence.

Why Choose Healvet 3000?

  • Regional Focus: Tailored for the West Coast market.

  • Exclusive Dealership: Limited competition within your area.

  • Full Support: From training to customer service, we provide all the tools for your success.

Application and Selection: Apply through our website. We conduct a detailed review to ensure a perfect match between our product and your business capabilities. Remember, application submission doesn’t automatically ensure acceptance.

Contact Information: Reach out at 800 658 5308 or visit for more details.

Embrace this chance to be a part of a leading brand in canine health. Apply today and take a step towards a prosperous partnership with Healvet!

Healvet veterinary progesterone analyzer for dogs
Healvet veterinary progesterone analyzer for dogs


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